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Shah's Palace

Odesa, Ukraine
4.4 / 7
Shah's Palace is a stunning and grand structure that the shah must have been extremely proud of. It is located on private property, according to information obtained from military personnel. Unfortunately, this means that visitors are not allowed access to explore the palace. Nevertheless, from the outside, the palace is truly beautiful and captivating. It is a monument that leaves a lasting impression, although it can only be admired from afar. While I have never seen the palace open to the public, I have always longed to visit this enchanting place. From what I observed, it appears to be a miniature castle-like palace, exuding a charming and adorable aura. However, it seems that this is the extent of what can be experienced without actually stepping foot inside.
Address:Hoholia Street, 2, Odesa
Phone:+380 48 775 9200



This shah had to be very proud of his palace
I checked with the military kinda personelle. They said it’s private property, no visitors allowed
Beautiful palace
I do not know if private property or open to public. But it beautiful from the outside. I didn't see an entrance for the public.
Very nice monument, but it's private so one can only see it from the outside
Looks very beautiful from the outside, never saw it open for the visitors... Really want to visit this place once.
Mini castle like palace. Cute. But that's about it