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Sarzhyn Yar

Kharkiv, Ukraine
5 / 20
Sarzhyn Yar is a stunning park located in the center of Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is the perfect place for outdoor activities such as walking, running, and biking, with separate paths designated for each. The park offers a variety of amenities, including areas to play with water and clean bathroom facilities. Visitors to Sarzhyn Yar will be amazed by its beauty, even during the winter months. The park is meticulously cared for and attention to detail is evident throughout. It serves as a great example of how public areas like parks should be managed. The park boasts a wooden church constructed in 2010 and designed in an old style, which is a popular attraction for visitors. However, the park itself is equally, if not more, impressive. It is spacious, with plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. The park features workout equipment, fountains where locals can fill their water jugs, and a pond stocked with sturgeon. It is not uncommon to see people taking a dip in the water, even in freezing temperatures. Sarzhyn Yar offers something for everyone. There are plenty of places to exercise, numerous mini lakes with ducks, and a fishing lake where visitors can fish. The park is also equipped with multiple playgrounds for children and an outdoor workout area. It is a place where individuals of all ages can find something to do and relax. The park has been recently renovated and is a must-visit when in Kharkiv. It is truly a gem that caters to all interests and preferences. From playgrounds for kids to sports areas for adults, from walking paths to bike routes connecting to other popular parks in the city, Sarzhyn Yar has it all. Visitors will also find clean toilets, huts selling ice cream and snacks, and ample space to spend a good part of the day. For nature lovers, Sarzhyn Yar is a paradise. The park features separate bicycle roads with interesting routes to explore. It is also a great place to cool down during hot summer days, thanks to the fresh spring waters. The park's natural mineral water source is believed to provide the purest water in the city. Extreme sports enthusiasts can even enjoy a font arranged at the source with a constant water temperature of approximately 10 degrees. In addition to its recreational offerings, Sarzhyn Yar serves as a green oasis amidst the concrete buildings of the city. Its gentle slopes, lush trees, and artificial lake with bridges create a tranquil environment for relaxation and enjoyment. The park also provides facilities for workout enthusiasts, including a playground for outdoor sports and several ping-pong tables. Mass hatha yoga classes are organized in Sarzhyn Yar, adding to its appeal. Sarzhyn Yar is not only a place for outdoor activities and relaxation but also a spot for fishing enthusiasts. Trout fishing is organized within the park, providing an opportunity to engage in this popular pastime. The park is also a great destination for cyclists, exercisers, and morning walkers, offering a refreshing and picturesque environment. With its recent global reconstruction, Sarzhyn Yar has expanded its territory to triple its original size. The park now includes several areas for walking dogs, charming bridges over an artificial lake, and comfortable chairs along the lake for visitors to admire the park's beauty. There are also dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian sidewalks throughout the park. Those interested in fishing can enjoy the opportunity to fish in the lake or feed the ducks. Overall, Sarzhyn Yar is a captivating and romantic place that provides a multitude of activities and amenities for everyone to enjoy. Whether visitors seek a leisurely stroll, an intense workout, a peaceful picnic, or simply a breath of fresh air surrounded by nature, this park offers it all.



A perfect place for walking, running and biking There are places to play with water and bathroom is available
Amazing beautiful park even in winter months. I also want to say that America could learn alot on how to properly manage public areas like parks from the Ukrainians. I was blown away by the care and detail put into all parks I visited!
An amazing park! I went to see the wooden church (new 2010 construction but done in old style) but the park was equally if not more impressive. Large, with separate paths for walkers and bikers. Lots of nice work out equipment, and fountains from whi.. Read more »
Awesome park. Each can find to do something here. Big zone for exercises, a lot of mini lakes with ducks and lake with fish where you can fish. A lot of places where you can relax
Very beautiful park. I was there on the weekend and I was very busy but there was still enough space for everyone to sit and relax. There's also many different playgrounds for kids and an outdoor workout area.
Beautiful park a must see once you visit Kharkov. Newly renovated it has things for everybody, great playgrounds for kids,sport areas with machines for adults, walking paths, great bicycle roads that connects to the best parks in the world Kharkiv G.. Read more »
The best place to relax and just walk out or do some sport activities. There are separated bicycle roads with interesting routes to ride.
In the hot summer in the city, the best place to go to cool down in the fresh spring waters. So much work has been done in the last few years to make this park a wonderful place to walk, ride and skate in. One of the places that makes Kharkiv such a .. Read more »
Sarzhyn yar is the source of natural mineral water in the center of Kharkiv. Sarzhyn yar is a beam more than 12 kilometers of length, with gentle slopes, overgrown with trees. This is a true green oasis among the concrete buildings. The main attracti.. Read more »
In 2014-2019, Sarzhyn Yar underwent a global reconstruction. The territory of the landscaped park became much larger, it was tripled in size. Now there are several areas for walking with dogs, an artificial lake with a lot of bridges over it. Chairs .. Read more »
This is a wonderful place which you have to visit if you trip to Kharkiv. Urbanistic area where people just relax. I recomend to visit this park earlier. Just 1km walking you will get to Gorkiy's Park one of the famous attraction in Kharkiv
Nice walking area. Looks much better after the last year redesign. Still suffers from pure management.
The dishes were so delicious nd the service was really good
Fresh air, lots of convenient places to walk around.
Wow good place, I like it Parks in Ukraine and Russia... ?
Amazing fancy place. Trout pond, water source, playground, sports ground. Great place to spend time.
Amazing gateway at the middle of industrial city. Like a small green paradise where all are enjoying nature.
Special dog sets, if you need. Lots of water, street workout, ice cream and nature all around. What else could you ask? Cable way? They've got it too ? You're gonna love it in summer - they have a special bench to rest. Under the shower. Im.. Read more »
Amazing park in the center of the city. Nature environment, clean and ideal for family or friends meeting. With activities different for adults and children.
Awesome place to rest with friends or family and kids, good water to drink. A lot of aesthetic and cozy places. Also really good for the picnics ? And for jogging and exercising ?
Lovely place with a spring. There is workout ground with different equipments. And you can enjoy a dip in the could spring water.