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Samtavro Convent

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.8 / 21
Samtavro Convent is an interesting place to visit during your trip to Mtskheta, a short train ride away from Tbilisi. It is a beautiful church and area, filled with stunning art work and imagery. Many people visit to make prayers and light candles. The convent is particularly renowned for housing the relics of St. Gabriel. Believed to have been built in the 4th century by King Mirian III and reconstructed in the 11th century by King George I, it is considered the first Georgian church. The architecture is extraordinary and the surrounding views are scenic. While there are guides available, some visitors prefer to explore at their own pace. The town around the convent also offers old-style alleys and kiosks where you can find local delicacies such as honey and wine. Although the restaurants in the tourist area may be slightly expensive, Samtavro Convent is definitely worth a visit for its cultural and peaceful atmosphere. Even if you are not religious, this cozy temple and the town around it are a must-see when in Tbilisi.
Address:RPW9+H84, Mtskheta



Interesting place to visit during your visit to Mtskheta.
When in Tbilisi You have to take a train and go Mtskheta. Just 25 minutes away Full of beautiful churches and Samtavro is one
A beautiful church and area to visit. Many people go to make prayers, lighting candles. Beautiful art work & imagery.
Just an amazing place to be.
Holy Church where St. Gabriel relics are kept. Must visit place when you visit Georgia.
Built presumably in the 4 th century by the king Mirian 3 and reconstructed in the 11 th century by the king of Georgia 1 . Luis and Aragvi rivers as .. Read more »
The site is good, but I missed some explanatory plates or something similar. There are a lot of guides proposing their help, but I would prefer my own.. Read more »
Ancient monastery with extraordinary architecture and scenic views around. Restaurants around this tourist area is a bit expensive. Must visit in Mksh.. Read more »
Beautiful, cultural, peaceful. I am not religious but this cozy temple and town around are must to visit if you travel to Tbilisi. It was just 20gel t.. Read more »
Worth a visit as it is a nice cathedral with a wide garden. You can go there for many reasons and check out the old style alleys and kiosks. You can f.. Read more »
A gorgeous little church in the grounds of a larger one. The frescoes are beautiful. In fact the entire village of Mtskheta is loaded with stunning ch.. Read more »
Ancient holy place in Mtskheta,Saint Gabriel’s body is kept in the church.
Very soothing environment, a must go.
Holy, beautiful, historical and peaceful place.
Great holy church with Saint Gabriel relics. I wish the nun inside church acts nice with visitors
Great place and history to know.
Samtavro’s Convent is situated in Mtskheta; after arriving, we walked the grounds and visited a small Museum 1 (lari). There is a small chapel on the .. Read more »
Very interesting and informative for your trip
Its Beautiful place
Great place, lovely people, brilliant weather ...
Great very old church. 400 AD
Great place realy loved it
Beautiful lovely frescoes and set in a beautiful picturesque place well worth a visit
A very important and interesting historical place for Georgia. If you ar fond of old beautiful churches, don't hesitate to visit it
i visited it in 2013 Samtavro is an Orthodox Christian monastery complex that combines Samtavro Transfiguration Church and Nunnery of St. Nino in Mtsk.. Read more »
Pleasant place with a local market just by it. With ashort walk you can find all short of souvenirs and typical food and sweets
3 Star Average When I reach here then I saw long fine trees(not sure somehow same smell) Yard of church was under-construction. When I just get in an.. Read more »
Good place to know about history and nice museum there. And this is run by women. Went from tbilisi to see this and enjoyed my trip. There is open are.. Read more »
It is here, where Mikhaïl Yurievich Lermontov wrote his famous poem Mziri ( The Novice). I’m posting just a little paragraph. On the pictures below yo.. Read more »