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Royal Palace of Milan

Milan, Italy
4.6 / 25
The Royal Palace of Milan is highly recommended for its temporary exhibitions, with the current main exhibition featuring the works of Leandro Erlich. It is a great place to visit if you are interested in art and culture. However, the Cathedral Museum, which is included in the entrance fee to the Cathedral, may not be as appealing to everyone. Some visitors find it rather boring and poorly arranged. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit if you have time. The historical significance of the Royal Palace is unparalleled, and many visitors are in awe of its beauty. It is advisable to purchase tickets online to make the process easier. The museum itself offers a wealth of knowledge about the Cathedral and showcases amazing sculptures and artwork. However, it may not be entirely suitable for children unless they have a specific interest in sculptures and church art. The staff is friendly, and the museum is easily accessible, although it may not provide enough space for motorized wheelchairs or wider wheelchairs. The overall experience of the museum and its exhibitions is fantastic, and many visitors recommend it as a must-visit attraction in Milan. The museum often hosts art exhibitions and cultural events, making it a vibrant and dynamic place to explore. Visitors have praised the well-preserved building, with its beautiful wall colors, molding, and sculpture details. It provides a peaceful escape from the crowded and bustling areas nearby. Some visitors have even had the opportunity to visit the Royal Palace for free, with multiple temporary exhibitions on display. The exhibitions are often highly regarded, with visitors being mesmerized by the works of renowned artists such as Joaquin Sorolla.



Best place to visit for temporary exhibitions. In this moment Leandro Erlich is the main exhibition. Recommended!
I visited the Cathedral Museum as it was included in the entrance fee to the Cathedral and I had time. I honestly didn't like it, I found it rather bo.. Read more »
Historically speaking I have never seen anything like this I would visit again when I have time I recommend buying tickets online it's easier
You should visit this museum. You can learn a lot about the Cathedral and see amazing sculptures and arts. Recommend.
very nice exhibition, friendly staff, easily accessible; not enough room for motorised wheelchairs or mid to wide wheelchairs; not 100% child appropri.. Read more »
Wonderful museum and exhibition inside when we came. A short line to get tickets on the left side, advanced payment of ticket would be more easy! Gre.. Read more »
The place to absolutely go when you come to Milan . There are always art exhibitions or cultural events
Went on Saturday and was told the exhibitions are free. Loved the paintings and the sculptures exhibitions. The building itself is well preserved and .. Read more »
We visited the Royal Palace for free, there were 3 temporary expositions. Very nice rooms well decorated.
The exhibition I saw was amazing. We're talking about the.Spanish impressionist Joaquin Sorolla. I was spellbound! Hurry because it ends on 26 June
Beautiful museum but I'd recommend online ticket buying. It is a well worth destination for art alone.
Wonderful museum and exhibition inside when we came. A short line to get tickets on the left side, advanced payment of ticket would be more easy! Was.. Read more »
If you have a disability you get in for free!! I have crutches and I was allowed to go in for for free. The place is huge and for kids they would ge.. Read more »
You will be impressed by Monet. It's a good occasion to see his paintings in Milan. Book and go...
It typically has excellent exhibitions. Last week I visited the Monet, and even better, the magical realist exhibitions. The former had an excellent c.. Read more »
Exhibitions in excellent quality! The place is spacious and has its own historical values. I visited here for the Monet exhibition and it is awesome. .. Read more »
I only say the temporary Monet exhibition, which was good. I am a big Monet fan and I saw many exhibitions of his art. This was not the best, but sinc.. Read more »
Just amazing exhibition of the Claude Monet paintings. Staff is very welcoming and friendly.
Located in Piazza Duomo an excellent venue for exhibitions. Now post covid, we can look forward to more things to come.
Always beautiful and great exhibition. Really well-organized! All precautions for COVID has been applied and cyber checked our green pass with documen.. Read more »
Insider tip: Great little park on the backside of the palace to get some peaceful rest.
I bought the 20 euro ticket which included the architecture part the roof and the museum and it was all great would recommend
Venue for some of the most important temporary exhibitions of internationally renowned, mostly classical artists. Not to miss, the beautiful "Sala del.. Read more »
We married over, it's a beautiful place inside and the expo of Tutankhamon was amazing. Well done Comune.
Seen exposition on Margaret Bourke-White's work. It runs until February 14th 2021. It's worth seeing.
Fabulous place, loved the exhibition.
The staff is extremely unprofessional and impolite. I visit this place frequently and I believe that their exhibitions and critical work is considerab.. Read more »
The Royal Palace of Milan (Italian: Palazzo Reale di Milano) was the seat of government in the Italian city of Milan for many centuries. Today, it ser.. Read more »
Great place with a great atmosphere. I am in love with Milan and its attractions.
There is not much to say really. This is one of the best museums in Milan and is near to duomo so it's also great for people who want to visit as much.. Read more »