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Royal Palace of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania
4.6 / 23
The Royal Palace of Bucharest is a stunning and impressive building located in the center of Bucharest. It is a must-see landmark not only for the city but for the entire country of Romania. The palace offers a range of attractions for visitors to enjoy. There are three sections to explore, including a permanent art collection featuring a diverse range of eastern European art. In addition, there is a temporary collection that changes periodically, offering visitors the opportunity to see different exhibitions throughout the year. Lastly, there is an area that showcases the palace as it was originally built, giving visitors a glimpse into its rich history. I highly recommend purchasing the full ticket, which grants access to all three sections. The art works on display are truly amazing, and it is worth dedicating a significant amount of time to fully appreciate the beautiful paintings and sculptures. The surrealistic paintings were a personal favorite of mine. However, one downside to keep in mind is that the air conditioning in the exhibits is minimal, so it can get quite warm during the summer months. I have personally visited the Royal Palace of Bucharest three times and I enthusiastically recommend it to all visitors of Bucharest. The palace is not only beautiful and impressive, but it also holds a great deal of historical significance. Guided tours are available in various languages, which further enhance the experience. It is truly a must-see attraction. The ticket price is 24 lei per adult, and it grants access to two rooms and a stairway. The interior of the palace is visually stunning, with beautiful rooms that showcase the grandeur and elegance of the building. The palace is a significant part of Bucharest's history and culture, and exploring its rooms is a worthwhile experience. In terms of practicality, it is worth noting that most museums in Bucharest do not accept card payments. However, there is a little trick that can be used to visit the historic spaces of the Royal Palace. If you are interested in exploring the historical spaces along with the National Art Museum, you can purchase the ticket online for the art museum and receive complimentary access to the historical spaces. This can be a convenient way to save money and fully experience all that the palace has to offer. Overall, my experience at the Royal Palace of Bucharest was wonderful. The staff was friendly and helpful, which added to the enjoyment of the visit. The palace is a beautiful place that is definitely worth visiting, especially for those interested in history and art.



Beautiful building. There are three sections, a permanent art collection spanning a range of eastern European art, a temporary collection (which was e.. Read more »
I've visited it 3 times already and I recommend it to all visitors of Bucarest. Beautiful and impressive with a lot of history. It's more than worth i.. Read more »
24 lei per adult, 2 rooms and a stairway looks pretty inside
Am huge and amazing building located at centre of Bucharest. A must see landmark of the city and whole Romania. Of course it is worthy to take the int.. Read more »
Very very beautiful. I recommend visiting it with a guide!
Beautiful place, worth visiting
Very nice palace with kind guard.
The art works are truly amazing. Give yourself at least 2.5-3 hours to really the beautiful paintings and sculptures. I loved the surrealistic paintin.. Read more »
We can visit the Historic Places of the Royal Palace due to a little trick. Most of the museums in Bucharest does not accept card payments so as we ar.. Read more »
It was a pleasure to be there. The staff is very helpful and nice ( not like other museums in Bucharest). I really enjoyed visiting it.
We were surprised that there were no English descriptions in the Royal Chambers. If someone outside of Romania is interested in learning some history,.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful monuments I saw during my trip to Romania. It really is a beautiful place and worth a visit
The art museum is worthwhile visiting. The upper floor halls can be relatively hot in the summer months.
Superb location with a unique vibe
The architecture of the building is amazing outside as well as inside. Europian Art Gallery is located in the palace and holds a collections of 15th, .. Read more »
One of the most beautiful building in town! Worth to see it!
The palace of the royal family of Romania that is now used as a spectacular museum.
Absolutely brilliant place..the main stairway and the ceiling are incredible, the throne hall was breath taking
Really beautiful collections and a spotless space. Perfect for a relaxing time with your loved ones in a weekend.
Romania is well known for its history, this site is a must visit!
Very, very nice. Good advices from the personnel at every step.
Beautiful monument
Nice location, full of history
This majestic edifice, rebuilt in 1937 following a devastating fire, was for decades the power center of the Romanian monarchy. At his arrival in the.. Read more »
Nice place to visit but with the most boring tour by far. Otherwise 5 stars.
Visited the european art gallery, there are a few remarkable paintings, many old (even XVth century), a number of impressive picture frames (lacking a.. Read more »
The art inside is not astounding, does not stand a chance when compared to other European capitals' art museums. However, it has a great student disco.. Read more »
A guided tour on the Royal Palace. One page of history of Hohentzolern royal family. The royal crown , a lot of paintings and some photos are memories.. Read more »
The center of monarchical power and the main royal residence in Bucharest. It was used to host the official activities of the Royal Family of Romania .. Read more »
A magnificent building, a true legacy of past great history.