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Rocca a Mare Fortress

Heraklion, Greece
4.6 / 30
Rocca a Mare Fortress is a must-visit tourist attraction in the city of Heraklion. Located at the end of the pedestrian street in the old port area, it offers a unique experience for visitors. The entrance fee is affordable, and the views from the fortress are breathtaking, especially during sunset. The fortress, built by the Republic of Venice in the 16th century, is remarkably well-preserved and provides insights into the history of Crete. The walls are thick, and there are several rooms containing artifacts and information about the fortress's past. The large roof terrace offers panoramic views in all directions. However, it is important to note that the fortress is closed on Tuesdays, so plan your visit accordingly. The staff can sometimes appear weary of tourist attention, but they are generally friendly. It is advisable to visit early in the day to avoid crowds and the midday heat. Exploring the fortress and reading about its history is a fascinating experience. The information boards are available in both English and Greek, making it accessible to a wider audience. The walk along the walls, overlooking the sea and the city of Heraklion, is about a mile long and offers a refreshing breeze. Overall, Rocca a Mare Fortress is a significant historical site that shouldn't be missed when visiting Heraklion. Its affordable entrance fee, stunning views, and rich history make it a worthwhile destination for both locals and tourists alike.
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Venetian fortress in the Harbor - interesting history inside and gorgeous views from up top on the ramparts all around. Inexpensive (4 Euros/person) .. Read more »
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I have very much enjoyed the visit (entry 4e). Wonderful views of the harbor & sea, history exhibition, refreshing wind blowing through the windows..... Read more »
A great place to visit, especially for those who love history! Cool historical items inside and great explanations on the history of the Fortress. Be .. Read more »
It was a beautiful place to be. U can have a good view to the sea
The Rock requires your attention. The location is impressive and gives some understanding on Venetian strategy and skills. The museum is well maintain.. Read more »
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Zues called.... He said you need to stop being concerned if this trip is any good..... Because it is! Absolutely amazing!!! Come walk through history .. Read more »
Very interesting exhibition. The side has been well reconstructed. Recommended the visit
It’s a historic fortress right at the marina, an ideal place to spend a few hours and watch the sunset while taking a stroll by the sea.
perfect spot if you're a history lover. I love the history and the view of the city and sea, however I found a lot of basic info to be lacking. There.. Read more »
A really excellent exhibit, and very interesting, but there are about 80+ deeply technical paragraphs throughout. I would still highly recommend it, a.. Read more »
Port authority have put concrete blocks and bars in the opposite side but generally is ok for a peacefull walk.
It’s a nice place but not justify a walk / drive just to see it
Beautiful place, although on the day we visited we only walked around the outside, late in the day, we did not have the chance to go inside, will do .. Read more »
Nice place 4 € each person. Attention: I get a warning from 4 of the 5 housekeeper's. Try on the roof the wall, to look down the ocean and you will s.. Read more »
The fortress is great, and the restoration and history behind also. I would give 5 stars if the people working here were a bit more smiley and friendl.. Read more »
Amazing fortress. Very well preserved. Entrance is cheap also so its worth a visit.
Very cool history and excessively beautiful view of the sea
Lovely to walk around and read its history
Nicely organized, clean, well preserved fortress. Staff professional, taking great care for all Covid measures. Overall not the best value for money.
Small fortress at Heraklion port worth a visit. The exhibition is well organized and the view is amazing.
The museum staff are so nice here and they explain the history of the sight very well.