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Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.9 / 34
The Rijksmuseum is an excellent art museum in Amsterdam, known for its extensive collection of Dutch art, particularly from the 17th century. The museum houses many famous paintings, but also showcases lesser-known artists with great pieces. It is worth noting that sometimes popular paintings can draw a crowd, while equally impressive ones nearby go unnoticed. To enhance your visit, it is recommended to bring headphones and download the free app for audio information on numbered paintings. The museum does not allow bags and backpacks inside, but offers free bag-check services. It is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance online to save time and avoid hassle. Water bottles must be carried in a bag or pocket, rather than in your hands. During our visit, the main Rembrandt painting in the great hall was closed for scanning. The museum also features a well-designed kids center that takes children on an expedition to learn about authenticity and how to spot fakes. The Rijksmuseum is impressive in many ways, with its beautiful design and fascinating collection of Dutch history and art. Each room is unique and packed with incredible artwork, making it possible to spend an entire day exploring. The museum's majestic and beautifully designed interior blends modern and classic architecture seamlessly. The organization of the floors by different time periods is appreciated, and the on-site cafe is a nice addition. The museum offers free guest lockers and clean restrooms. This museum is a must-see in Amsterdam, as it offers an extensive collection of legendary paintings. It is recommended for art enthusiasts, but not suitable for young children who may not appreciate it fully. Be prepared for long lines at the cafe. During our visit, the Night Watch was under renovation and unavailable for viewing. The Rijksmuseum is a beautiful and organized museum that provides a great escape from the heat. While tickets can be purchased on-site, buying them in advance can help avoid waiting. The museum is extensive and requires several hours to fully appreciate, with different wings to explore. The on-site cafe is a nice place for a mid-day break. The entrance area is impressive, providing ample space for the extensive exhibits. It is recommended to allocate several days to truly see everything and fully absorb the art. The museum is well-staged, quiet, and features a restaurant with delicious cakes. The painting collection is incredibly vast, with a particular appreciation for the many paintings on display. Overall, the Rijksmuseum is considered one of the best museums in Amsterdam, with a great selection of art and the option to use audio guides to enhance the experience.



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