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Rembrandt House Museum

Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.7 / 60
The Rembrandt House Museum is a must-see museum in Amsterdam, especially for art enthusiasts. While you won't find Rembrandt's original paintings here, you can see sketches and learn a lot about his life. The museum offers a free audio guide, which is highly recommended as it provides detailed information about Rembrandt's career, personal life, and even includes videos and pictures. The visit is divided into different rooms on different floors, and there is also a live demonstration of the etching technique used by Rembrandt. The museum also features temporary exhibitions, such as the painting of the Peacocks of Rembrandt from the Rijksmuseum. Overall, the museum offers a fantastic adventure into the life of Rembrandt and is well-prepared and informative. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the museum provides a unique insight into Rembrandt's private life. Although not all of his works are displayed here, the museum is definitely worth a visit.
Address:Jodenbreestraat 4, Amsterdam
Phone:+31 20 520 0400



Nice museum, the audioguide is definitely helpful. You will mainly find out things about Rembrandt’s life, you won’t see his original paintings in here, but you can see sketches. I think it’s worth a visit, especially if you’r.. Read more »
MUST SEE MUSEUM - Definitely among my Top 5 museum in Amsterdam. You can use I Amsterdam card.for a free empty. Wery well prepared and in details fantastic adventure into Rembrandt's life. Great free audio guide and you can enjoy it on your own.. Read more »
Wonderful experience. Book online a few days before your visit. When you arrive they check your booking and then send you to the lower floor. They give you the audioguide to the visit (with information in every room about the paintings and furniture.. Read more »
Rembrandt owned house that turned into a museum. It’s interesting but there was no paintings of him, if I’m no mistaken. But there were some original etchings though. Spare minimum 2 hours to enjoy it.
Amazing experience. The museum provides Chinese audio guide. Following the audio guide, I feel that I am really seeing Rembrandt was welcoming guests, drawing, and living in this house. Highly recommend.
My favourite museum in Amsterdam so far. It is a shame not all works have been kept in here, however this does not mean it’s less worthy of a visit. Offers an impressive insight into Rembrandt’s private life. The exhibitions were also a n.. Read more »
This was a very well put together audio tour through Rembrandt's house and life. They have some amazing pieces by Rembrandt and some of his influencers and his apprentices. Also, the staff was very responsive when I had trouble with my audio pac.. Read more »
Free audio guide. Able to know Rembrandt well and see his house and workplace. Demonstrators for painting making and etching, which is knowledgeable and interesting to know!
We did buy an online ticket so avoided cues so I recommend it. Not great cues though as this is not so much visited compared to Van Gogh’s museum however I found the Rembrandt museum really interesting and with different perspective. It is firs.. Read more »
The house of the most famous son of Amsterdam. Most of his works were hung in other grand museums; here his life is shown in his own house. One would get the gist of his life, how he lived and worked. The house illustrated this point very well wit.. Read more »
This is the house where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658. It was restored once in 1911 and the second time in 1911. The house is now a museum, entry is charged, it's got 4 stories, but please keep in mind that there is no elevator and the s.. Read more »
Great museum – the right size to spend 20 minutes or a couple of hours in. Well set up, nice selection of art from Rembrandt and other historical and modern artists. Excellent selection of etchings as well! Thoroughly recommend it
This was a cool museum, in that it was his actual house and was furnished the way that it would have been when Rembrandt live there. There are not a lot of his paintings in the museum, but there are several of his original etchings and many reproduc.. Read more »
An amazing experience to see where this icon lived and created. I loved how it was restored to near-original condition. Takes about 1-2 hours to tour. You have to go up and down steep stairs, so not ideal for elderly or handicapped. Definitely stop i.. Read more »
I had no idea Rembrandt led such an interesting life. The self-guided audio tour is great. You can do it independently without getting pushed along in a group. Also quite reasonably priced admission and close to good food.
It was nice view of Rembrandt life and consequences in his paintings and life. The automatized audio device was perfect, really great stuff and easy to handle. It is for about an hour to spend and get to know more about this famous Dutch painter and .. Read more »
Great museum! You walk through Rembrandt's house listening the free audioguide and learning about how he was living and using his house. You also have the opportunity to the some artistic techniques in video. That was a really great visit, we lo.. Read more »
Had a lovely hour long wander around the house. The staff are all excellent - the guided tour is a great way of getting lots of information across. Loved the paint making demonstration. The gift shop has lots of not very expensive gifts which is a.. Read more »
A fantastic museum to visit and experience the life and history of Rembrandt. If you go early in the morning it is not that crowded. A good idea to book your tickets online. I really did not know that he was such a collector and had a passion for tea.. Read more »
Included on the top floor and nominally intended as "just" a live demonstration of Rembrandt's painting materials and their sources and the challenges associated with transforming those materials into the various oil colors brings this.. Read more »
Really neat experience. The ticket comes with a free audio tour device that's available in a bunch of different languages. The audio tour itself is really informative and is worth listening to. The house itself is really interesting and there is.. Read more »
No Rembrandt Paintings, just a reproduction of his house! If you love Rembrandt, this may be interesting to see where he painted and lived. However, it feels a bit contrived since EVERYTHING is a reproduction. Rembrandt when bankrupt and all his p.. Read more »
I really enjoyed this museum! It is beautifully restored and you feel as if you walked into the back door of a friend’s home while they were at the market. You literally step back in time!! You see his etches on his desk in his studio! You see .. Read more »
Great museum to visit. Highly recommended to pick up the free audio guide. We bought the tickets on the spot and there was no line on a Sunday. Depending on your interest in the artist you can spend here from 1 hour up to 3 in my opinion.
The visit of the house of Rembrandt was really interesting and well explained (free Audioguide in different languages). Quite impressed by being in the real Rembrandt's house! The temporary exhibitions was nice and diversified with current artis.. Read more »
The exhibition is very well organised. It doesn't cost too much (€15 for adults, €10 for students) and it's free with Amsterdam museum card. It has a wardrobe and toilets and it offers the audio guide for free. The staff is very n.. Read more »
It was nice view of Rembrandt life and consequences in his paintings and life. The automatized audio device was perfect, really great stuff and easy to handle. It is for about an hour to spend and get to know more about this famous Dutch painter and .. Read more »
Very nice museum, beautiful paintings and objects from Rembrant's life. I recommend setting aside at least 3 hours for a museum tour. I also recommend that you buy a ticket online, it's more convenient and you can be sure that you will real.. Read more »
Lovely museum showing the house where Rembrandt painted his most famous paintings. The pieces in the museum are well selected to give insight into how Rembrandt lived and worked and into the time in which he lived.
Really enjoyed it. The audio guide was the best I had come across. The art is amazing
It was such a nice time to experience the life of one of the great Dutch painter Rembrandt in his own huis. Will definitely recommend this museum to everyone as it's very eye opening on how we approach to things on a daily basis and it's no.. Read more »
Conserved house owned by Rembrandt, containing articles owned by the artist. Supplemented by items similar to what would have been in the house. Free audio tour provides excellent biographical overview of Rembrandt's times. More about his daily .. Read more »
Great museum to see where Rembrandt used to live, there's two part of the museum, the modern wing and the old house. Free guided audio tour provided and it adds so much context to the museum. It took around 1 hour to go through everything and ve.. Read more »
Very nice experience, especially with these free audio guides with specific narrators for children! Wonderful house!
Very interesting visit to Rembrandt's house. An audio guide (in different languages) takes you throw the different rooms decorated as if it was the XVII century. You will discover many histories about the master, his career as well as his prived.. Read more »
My man suggested we should go here, I was a bit skeptical due to that I’m not that interested in art and history. But it was a really cozy and interesting tour. It was definitely worth it!
Quite exciting museum. It is the real place, obviously reconstructed, but creates the atmosphere to expect the painter in the next room. Good audio tour that provides optimal info. It will take not more than an hour, it can be easily combined wi.. Read more »
This place is amazing. You can get up close to Rembrandt's paintings and learn how he lived. It's close to shopping and tons of restaurants.
If you expect to see millions of Rembrandt paintings this not the place for you. But if you want to step into his world and see how he lived than this place delivers! Cute little place and definitely worth the visit for Rembrandt lovers.
Very informative and interesting. Free audio tour. Just a shame that the printing and paint making could not be explained due to covid regulations. Good way to get to learn more about Rembrandt
Great to see where this man lived and did some of his most famous paintings. Rembrandt also sold art of of this location. Comes with free audio tour.
It's amazing how 400 years ago people have built such amazing houses. It's really good place to know more about Rembrandt and some of his works. But not the place to see his great works and the museum focus more on Hansken the "the fir.. Read more »
Great museum, you really get an idea of what it was to live there. There is also lots of paintings from Rembrandt pupils. You can visit the whole museum in around an hour.
Well worth the 15€ - which included an audio guide. A good option even with a group of friends, as everyone has their own device and can listen and look at things in their own pace. The audio guide was also super high quality with a lot of inter.. Read more »
The house is located in the Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam, where Rembrandt lived and painted for a number of years, not far from the present-day city hall.Rembrandt purchased the house in 1639 and lived there until he went bankrupt in 1656, when all h.. Read more »
Funny if you are interested in laughing a bit during an exhibition or two... :D You need to have sense of humor to truly enjoy this museum!
Must see spot! Very interesting arranged house with audio guide in few languages and in details explained each room. I am so lucky and happy that I've had a chance to visit and to be there. Definitely recommend!???
Very interesting I loved it! Few pictures but nice exploring the house imagining painter's daily life
Was a nice experience for those interested in painting and painters but there was not any masterpiece of Rembrandt there and in the end, I asked myself what is the famous paint of him!!! they could keep at least one of his masterpiece in this house a.. Read more »
Wonderful experience seeing with my own eyes where Rembrandt has lived and created such celebrated masterpieces,the tour is well organized and you can see a lot of his original paintings plus some objects he collected and get to know how the entire h.. Read more »
Beautiful building and museum where Rembrandt lived and worked. Very interesting facts about the painter and the setting of his house studio.
We really enjoyed this visit. You need to book before you go due to COVID. It’s very well organised with an excellent audio guide. It’s an amazing house - well worth a visit
The Rembrandt House Museum (Dutch: Museum Het Rembrandthuis) is a historic house and art museum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Painter Rembrandt lived and worked in the house between 1639 and 1656. The 17th-century interior has been reconstructed. .. Read more »
Very well done. Guided tour with audio is definitely worth it.
I wasn’t worth that money and my time to get there. Only few rooms in Rembrandt’s old house with a description as a audio guide and some paintings, but they weren’t signed and were too high to see them well. And I didn’t like .. Read more »
Informative self-guided audio tour during COVID. There’s currently a very timely and educational temporary exhibit: Black in Rembrandt’s Time (through 6 Sept 2020).
We enjoyed our visit to the Rembrandt house museum, located in a picturesque part of the city, easily accessible by bike and tram. The house displays interesting works of art and is a replica of the house during Rembrandt’s occupancy. Would rec.. Read more »
Nice way to spend a lazy afternoon in the dam. Particularly if during a heat wave as air con was excellent. Wasn't too busy at all. Thought provoking exhibition on portrayal of black people in rembrandts time. Good audio tour. Friendly staff
A medium-good visit. Tickets at a fair price, the museum itself is a bit small leaving it susceptible to clustering. Understandable as it is Rembrandt’s house and buying a plot that size in the centre can’t have been cheap, even in the 16.. Read more »
Pretty good but small museum. There are any actual Rembrandt paintings and more than a half of the house has been renovated with modern materials which do not correlate with the ambience. However there were some nice exhibits like Rembrandt's pa.. Read more »