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Red Forest

Prypyat, Ukraine
4.5 / 29
Red Forest is a unique and fascinating location that has garnered quite a diverse range of opinions. Some individuals find it to be a thrilling and exhilarating place, expressing their love for its baddie vibes and even mentioning their family of radioactive spiders that reside there. However, it seems that they may not be visiting for another 47 years, so the people of Ukraine have some time to prepare for their arrival. Others have had less fortunate experiences while passing through Red Forest, particularly when traveling to Limansk. They recount being ambushed by the enigmatic Monolith, which surely made for a harrowing encounter. On a more positive note, one person shares that they have a close relative from this area, who possesses a third arm that acts as a radiation detector. This relative also defends Chernobyl from the harsh judgments it often receives, claiming that there are actually 11 great things about the place. However, they do caution others to be cautious of the lurking Screechers. Expressing gratitude to the enigmatic Monolith, an individual mentions their role in unveiling the cunning plans of the enemy. Though the forest itself is described as good, it seems that a peculiar side effect of visiting Red Forest is glowing neon green. Perhaps this is a testament to its radioactive nature. While the forest provides an overall enjoyable experience, one person does mention the strange taste of the mushrooms, requesting a fix in that regard. Nonetheless, they still view it as a great place to spend time with family and friends. However, caution is advised due to its high levels of radioactivity, making it the most radioactive area in the region. Despite its challenges, Red Forest is still seen as a nice place, albeit with a considerable presence of psydogs. Fortunately, there is a duty camp nearby, providing some semblance of safety. Unfortunately, there are those who have been unable to fully explore the area due to their geiger counters going haywire. Ultimately, Red Forest is seen as an intriguing and potentially dangerous location, yet it holds a certain allure. With its unique attributes and potential for bizarre experiences, it can be a memorable destination for those willing to embrace its quirks. Just be prepared for unexpected outcomes, such as growing a third leg, and you might find yourself enjoying a picnic in this enigmatic forest.
Address:Kyiv Oblast



It’s so baddie uwu I love it there also my family of radioactive spiders live there so i’m going to be coming there in 47 years so be ready ukraine 😜
Very bad experience passing trough going to Limansk but got ambushed by Monolith...
One of my close relatives is from here and has a third arm that beeps when it gets close to radioactivity. He does also mention that people judge Cher.. Read more »
Thank you O' Monolith for revealing the cunning plans of the enemy.
A good forest but now I glow neon green for some reason...
The mushrooms taste a bit weird (pls fix?) otherwise great place for family and friends.
The most radioactive ☢️ in the region Be careful
Nice place, lots of psydogs but at least there is a duty camp nearby.
I have been there but couldnt enter the place.. my geiger counter was going crazy
great place to have a picnic with your family would go again if i didnt grow a third leg
that water tastes like vodka? please fix?
nice place, sprinkle some radiation here and there, maybe a few mutants and is very fun, crab people scary though, so... i recommend, hundred rads bar.. Read more »
I like the funny looking mushrooms here, they were so good that I sent some to my family too?
i met a lot of new people there. there was a babushka with her son that offered me bread with sour cream. everything was good although i had this weir.. Read more »
We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of your enemies to us. May your light shine down on the souls of the brave soldiers who gav.. Read more »
Great place to visit. Although I have to admit that after staying there for a few hours, I got a weird metallic taste in my mouth together with headac.. Read more »
Good for alone time and cool too an can you also not talk about mutations because that does not happen and the Geiger counter was beeping really loud .. Read more »
Nice place for a long walk and some alone time.
very fun adventure i went there the hotels are really nice there and there free!! and it was a great experience to slowly painfully die and if want ca.. Read more »
There is radiation, be careful
This place is really mystical! It opened my third eye. Literally.
saw a funny 4ft tall squirrel but it started chasing me
Wow, i am amazed! I went there with my Wife and my 2 Kids and what should i say.. its like Six Flags.. but funnier the Six Flags of Ukraine! My Fam.. Read more »
Great hiking experience, afterward I grew a third arm and now I can carry even more equipment on my expeditions.
Great place for swimming and many other things, hotels are free and no rules. I recommend coming here for vacation.
Great place to take your Kids. They'll love the fresh air, the plenty of big open fields and the wonderfully crystal clear spring water from the site.
I left a stash with ammo and some chimera claws on a bush a dozen meters east from Forester's place on my way to Yantar; take what you need. Just watc.. Read more »
i found a lot of my monolith friends here, they showed me all the good spots and all the places to avoid, take as many bolts as you can fit in your ba.. Read more »
The most radioactive place on earth. out measurement gave the highest of all.
The Geiger counter went crazy there, it beeped so loud that it woke up whole Bloodsucker Lair in the Zaton region. The Vortex anomaly is appearing fro.. Read more »