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Ratusha Mista Mukacheve

Mukachevo, Ukraine
4.1 / 9
Ratusha Mista Mukacheve is a city hall located in the central square of Mukacheve, a beautiful city in the Zakarpattia region. This gothic style landmark with a clock tower is a must-see for its stunning architecture. Although it is not possible to go up the tower and see the city views, the building itself is worth visiting and capturing in photos from the outside. It is surrounded by a variety of shops, including cozy coffee shops where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. The architecture of the city hall is rustic, and many homeowners in the area take great care in maintaining their properties. This city has a rich history and offers plenty of activities for visitors. While the town hall may appear squeezed between other buildings, it is still an attractive sight in the center of town and showcases a different type of architecture compared to other buildings. Overall, Ratusha Mista Mukacheve is a nice city hall that adds to the charm of Mukacheve.
Address:Dukhnovicha Street, 2, Mukacheve
Phone:+380 3131 54468



Nice city! Very good people,
Mukacheve is a very interesting city in Zakarpattia region. This gothic style landmark with a clock tower is definitely a must see. Would’ve been nice.. Read more »
Beautiful old building.
The City Hall of Mukacheve (Munkach), is located in the central square of the city built on neogothic style under the influence of hungarian "art nouv.. Read more »
Pretty, but small.
Just a nice palace to enjoy from outside, since there's no way to get inside, to reach the tower or to have any information for how to plan a visit. A.. Read more »
The architecture is very rustic. Many home owners do a great job keeping the property & residence in a1 shape. The city has a lot of history. I rec.. Read more »
Nothing much . It's just town hall and it's attractive to people because its in the centre of town , different type of architecture from other buildi.. Read more »
Nothing special. Town Hall building stands squeezed between other buildings, a number shops at the ground floor. You can easily miss it