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Rathaus Wien

Vienna, Austria
4.3 / 27
Rathaus Wien, also known as Vienna City Hall, is a stunning building with a well-maintained façade and beautiful grounds. Every angle offers a new and different view, making it a must-see for visitors. Constructed in 1872 in the Neo-Gothic style, Rathaus Wien is an important hub for local government, housing the Mayor of Vienna's office and city council chambers. It holds historical significance as it was briefly the tallest building in the world from 1892 to 1894, and it still retains its magnificent presence. Visitors have the opportunity to take guided tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, allowing them to explore the inner workings of this impressive structure. Additionally, Rathaus Wien hosts various events on its grounds, offering a vibrant and lively atmosphere. While some visitors have mentioned that their views of the building were partially obstructed during their visit, such as during a film festival or an electric transport exhibition, the overall beauty of the architecture still shines through. It is worth noting that access to the building may have certain limitations, as indicated by the closed front doors and the need to book tours in advance. Despite any temporary closures or inconveniences, Rathaus Wien remains highly recommended for all tourists. Its exterior architecture is breathtaking, and many have praised the beautiful ballroom and its stunning artwork. Whether inside or outside, the experience of being at Rathaus Wien is truly amazing and enjoyable.
Address:Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, Wien
Phone:+43 1 4000



Stunning building will well maintained façade and grounds, every look is something new and different.
Constructed in 1872 in the Neo-Gothic style, Rathausplatz serves as the seat of local government housing the Mayor of Vienna’s office and city council.. Read more »
Wonderful to look at even though most views were ruined by an electric transport exhibition. Front doors were closed c no access hours indicated. Webs.. Read more »
Beautifull building.We could not see it whole because there was a film festival and it was covered partly.
I was there during the off season. So unfortunately many things were closed for renovations, including Rathaus. I still found the exterior architectur.. Read more »
Visited during the film festival in July. Large movie screen, outdoor seating and food is in the area.
Really cool building, but you also need to book a tour in advance to be able to go inside the building, just like the Parliaments building.
love this building, there is also a paternoster 🤍
It is one of the most beautiful places in Vienna. Highly recommended for all tourists to visit this place. In my personal experience, I was many tim.. Read more »
Amazing space. Great gothic architecture. Ballroom is just peace of art. Ceiling looks like painting.
The place is truly beautiful and provides free tours that are really interesting and easy to follow. Also, there are free brochures of many different .. Read more »
Didn’t enter inside but the Christmas markets here were beautiful, definitely the biggest we visited in Vienna.
Amazing space. Great gothic architecture. Ballroom is just peace of art. Ceiling looks like painting.
Since Google maps doesn't allow me to rate the city itself I'll rate its center piece as a symbol of the same. I've come to Vienna to enjoy the city v.. Read more »
A small part is covered for renovation and due to the festival hosted at thecfront. Vienna City Hall is the seat of the local government and a beautif.. Read more »
Didn't get a chance to enter inside. It is for a guided tour only. In summer they have the film festival outside , if you like a film in the event wit.. Read more »
It's amazing but now they are doing some renovation.
Good looking place :) There a re some cafe's and restaurants around.
It's looks good, but at 1 of Jan everything is closed, and Christmas fair is closed
We were at the Christmas market in front of this wonderful building. It is a great atmosphere.
in front of the Rathaus all year around you can experience great things and food. just look up what is happening in the time you are staying and for s.. Read more »
We had our dinner event in the city hall and it was the right choice in Vienna. The place is majestic, with red carpet overall and chandeliers decorat.. Read more »
The tower was beautiful, especially at night. Unfortunately, the rest of the facade was covered in scaffolding. Probably would've given 5 stars if I w.. Read more »
Impossible to park in the city, but the tabaco shops are selling parking tickets. Usless parking tikets.. . I'm going back home with a bunch of them. .. Read more »
Perfect place to visit, for anyone. This gothic cathedral was the first one I ever saw when traveling around the Europe, and so far it is the best one.. Read more »
What a flawless architecture! Lovely ? walk and beautiful admiration to this city hall square and mini park in the front. Strongly Recommended!
A marvellous place to visit, and at the time of our trip we had the opportunity to watch an opera program during the Vienna Movie festival 2019. Amazi.. Read more »
The Vienna City Hall on Rathausplatz in Vienna's 1st district, Innere Stadt, until 1960 called the New City Hall to distinguish it from the Old City H.. Read more »
What an impressive city hall!! One of the best I've ever seen !
is the seat of local government of Vienna, located on Rathausplatz in the Innere Stadt district. Constructed from 1872 to 1883 in a Neo-Gothic style a.. Read more »
Magnificent, traditional Vienna town hall .
Rathaus is the city hall of Vienna. It's located in the heart of the city and definitely worth visiting especially in the holidays season when there i.. Read more »
Great cathedral but it’s still under construction but provide great view and for taking pictures it’s perfect. There’s also high end street if you fol.. Read more »
Wonderful building with a nice small park in front. At night it looks even more magnificent.
Absolutely beautiful. The skating rinks and the food stalls / bars made the vibe so entertaining and cool . Unfortunately it’s under a lot of constru.. Read more »
The Rathaus is located at Vienna's heart. It plays not only administrative role, but it is as well a conference building a tourists attraction due to .. Read more »