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Burgas Railway Station

Burgas, Bulgaria
3.6 / 13
The Burgas Railway Station is a beautiful station located in the stunning Bulgarian city of Burgas, which is situated on the sea. The station building itself is both charming and picturesque, reminiscent of the architecture from the 1900s. Inside the station, you will find a ticket office, an information desk, a shop, and vending machines. Although the staff may not speak English fluently, they are willing to assist you if you communicate with the help of Google Translate. While the station exudes a certain nostalgic charm, it lacks certain amenities such as seating areas, wifi, or shops/restaurants. However, there is a well-connected bus network near the station, and you can easily find places to eat and other services in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, some travelers have reported issues with the international ticket desk, which is often closed despite the provided opening hours. It is advisable to be cautious and seek alternative options for purchasing international tickets. At night, the Burgas Railway Station offers a beautiful sight, adding to the city's allure. However, it's important to note that there have been complaints about the train services, particularly on the Burgas-Sofia route. Some travelers have experienced uncomfortable conditions, such as the absence of curtains and air-conditioning, making the journey difficult, especially during the hot summer months. Despite these drawbacks, some individuals find the station to be a great place to relax, especially during the pandemic era, where the lack of crowds can provide a sense of calmness and tranquility. In conclusion, the Burgas Railway Station offers a mix of both positive and negative experiences. While the station itself is visually appealing and conveniently located next to the Burgas South bus station, there are certain limitations in terms of amenities and service quality. However, for those who appreciate the historical charm and are willing to navigate the minor inconveniences, the station still holds a certain allure.



It's like going back in time to the Soviet era even though it's a turistic port city nobody wants to help you. The ticket machine doesn't work. You ca.. Read more »
Beautiful Bulgarian city on the sea.
Beautiful station building inside and out. Ticket office, information desk, shop and vending machines. Next to the Burgas South bus station. Staff do.. Read more »
Nice train station, looks kinda like old church. There isn't really anything inside tho, no place to sit nor wifi or shops/resturants so its kinda jus.. Read more »
The desk with international tickets is always closed. Do not trust the information where the opening hours is given.
Beautiful sight at night
Best city, home town born amd raised
Tragic. Relation Burgas-Sofia. 1 class. The beginning of August. No curtains in the compartment, no air-conditioning. Around 40'C and the window that .. Read more »
great place to relax in pandemia time
Very sweet station. 1900s feeling
Old style design and very very cold. If you travel during winter better find coffee shop or restaurant near by so you won't freeze. The internet was b.. Read more »
Important hub for traveling to the heart of the country. Trains to lots of destinations. Nice garden nearby.
After the renovation the building looks nice but it needs renovation of some of the people at all, and the way they do their job. Especially these peo.. Read more »
Train punctual. Price for a ticket burgas-sofia around 10 euros (19 bugarian leva )
Very easy to find your way. Times and directions easy to understand. There is a little bar and restaurant. Very clean.
Beautiful train station, the building is beautifully renovated. Difficult to communicate and get info on timetable and ticket price
Like others here, my biggest problem is with lack of English speaking staff. I'm very lucky, in that I have several Bulgarian friends, who are always.. Read more »