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Presidential Palace

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.6 / 9
The Presidential Palace in Georgia is a stunning and impressive building, particularly when illuminated at night. It stands proudly on the right bank of the river, creating a striking contrast with the nearby impoverished neighborhood. It would be fascinating to explore the interior through a guided tour, if available. Although it is not open to the public, the palace serves as the executive body for the President of Georgia. Housed in a refurbished building that was once the Imperial gendarmerie, it is located in the Avlabari district of Tbilisi. This grand structure is regarded as one of the finest in the country, second only to the Holy Trinity. While it is unfortunate that visitors are not permitted inside, the exterior alone is a sight to behold. From a distance, it is a remarkable sight, but up close, there is limited opportunity for observation. Nevertheless, the palace remains a beautiful and awe-inspiring landmark, especially when admired at night when it shines brightly. It seamlessly combines elements of the past with modern design, making it a significant symbol of the city.
Address:1 Malkhaz Abdushelishvili Street, T'bilisi



Beautiful building, it would be interesting to see it inside :)
Old president residence. Build Prsdent Mikheil Saakashvili. Most beautifoul
Nice building
Impressive building, especially at night, standing high above the river on its right bank. The contrast that it makes with the poor neighbourhood that.. Read more »
This is the 2nd best building in Georgia (after Holy Trinity).
Presidential palace, great place but unfortunately you can't visit, forbidden entrance. The Presidential Administration of Georgia (Georgian: საქართ.. Read more »
Huge place with a lot of empty rooms ?
It's beautiful but you just visit it from long way cause when you get close there is no much to see.
Very beautiful building. Love it. Amazing view at night time. Shiny and beautiful!
A modern landmark of the city in the historical part. A mixture of past and present not too far from one another.