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Planetarium Dnipro

Dnipro, Ukraine
4.2 / 38
Planetarium Dnipro is an intriguing exhibition located near the Planetarium building itself. Visitors can expect a new program every 1.5 hours. The staff is known for being attentive and polite, ensuring a pleasant experience for guests. The excursion is informative, providing an opportunity to learn and hear something new. The ticket price for children is UAH 220, but it is important to note that photography of children after the excursion and movie is not allowed without purchasing a ticket for the accompanying parent. This may be a slight inconvenience for some, but overall, the Planetarium Dnipro comes highly recommended for those who haven't visited before. Some visitors have mentioned issues with ticket availability and seating, with tickets being sold out for already booked seats. This can be frustrating for those who have made prior arrangements. However, once inside, the experience is said to be amazing, especially for children. The tour of the premises is conducted in both English and Ukrainian, making it accessible to a wider audience. The interactive exhibits cater to both children and adults, making it a must-visit location in Dnipro for people of all ages. While some visitors have expressed mixed feelings about their experience, citing disappointment in the number of exhibits and the program content, others appreciate the modern equipment and educational aspects of the Planetarium. Some suggestions have been made to improve the experience, such as allowing visitors to explore the exhibits before the start of the show and providing a more comprehensive program. Overall, Planetarium Dnipro offers a beautiful and interesting experience, with a focus on education and observation.
Address:Krutohirnyi Descent, 10, Dnipro
Phone:+380 50 701 8882



An interesting exhibition near the Planetarium building itself. New program every 1.5 hours.
I really liked the planetarium, the staff was attentive and polite, I liked the excursion. It was informative, it was nice to hear and learn something new. thank you 🌷 I recommend going here if you haven't been to the planetarium yet 😊👍
You buy a ticket for a child for UAH 220, but you can't take a picture of the child AFTER the excursion and the movie! Because, &@%, the father/mother does not have a ticket and for 2 seconds to go to the hall to the moon or a rocket to take.. Read more »
Tickets for already booked seats have been sold! When buying tickets on a single resource, where, as it would seem, no confusion is possible, due to the maximum simplicity of the process, they still managed to do everything through one place. After .. Read more »
Finally got there with my daughter. Also a story about the sun in English. The employees conducted a tour of the premises, in two languages ​​at once: English and Ukrainian. And then, already under the dome, they told about the constellations of our .. Read more »
My impressions were twofold... the last time I visited the planetarium was in 2004 and I always left with good impressions. Having come there today with my child, I was counting on the wow effect from the renovated place ... the first thing that upse.. Read more »
I liked everything: the tour and Gubble's pictures. Interesting for adult children.
Went with 2 kids. One is delighted with the second without a difference. And this is understandable. They have different age categories. We went to the planetarium for the sake of the elder (he is delighted). Everything's OK! Pass only 10 minute.. Read more »
Arrived in advance, taking into account the queue and the desire to take pictures in the middle of the renovated planetarium, we were told to wait outside in the cold, referring to the conditions in the ticket with a request to visit at a time not sp.. Read more »
I really liked it. Modern equipment. It is beautiful and interesting to listen and observe. There is even a mini tour of the exhibits of the Planetarium and a brief history of the creation of costumes and who and when flew in space and what they disc.. Read more »
After reconstruction, the planetarium looks really "cosmic" The building has been completely restored both inside and out, there are a large number of exhibits inside, many of them are interactive - a large ball on which you can see how dif.. Read more »
Planetarium = Love) I have long heard about the opening of the planetarium in the Dnieper, but when I arrived in person he was impressed by 1000%! So many details make it interesting, from the walls with imitation stars and ending with funny posters .. Read more »
This is the best planetarium we have ever been with !! I instruct everyone to visit it. Therefore, there is no better in Ukraine!)))
It was interesting but a lot of disadvantages. The first program lasts not only 2 hours but 1:30. It is not clear why they tell a half hour sightseeing tour about each exhibit when you can read everything yourself. And the big minus is that everyone .. Read more »
I really liked the updated planetarium! High-quality cool image on the dome, very detailed photo and video materials were used in the training video, good sound quality in the hall. The interior has been very pleasantly updated: light, modern, with e.. Read more »
I will miss the old planetarium. Impressions after visiting the renewed planetarium are sad. Interactive walls are not something that will leave a vivid impression, unlike the old atmospheric mini-installations, which unfortunately have not been lef.. Read more »
If you have 2 hours of free time, do not regret it and visit the updated Planetarium in the city of Dnipro) If you have small and very curious children - bring them to the Planetarium) If you yourself love and are fond of the theme of space, the Univ.. Read more »
Wonderful modern planetarium. There are activities that will be interesting for both children and adults, many attractions with augmented reality. The Star Hall is very beautiful, but in some places the film went into science fiction. There is a seat.. Read more »
Amazing place. We were with the children, I really liked it. The kids asked to go to the planetarium again the next day :) I think it's a success. There is even a room with books and chairs where you can read. Pleasant atmosphere, interesting pr.. Read more »
I liked the renovation, and the excursion at the beginning, a good leader. But the program was boring, we fell asleep. Video from the Berlin Planetarium, the inscriptions are not German. An astronomer was with us, he revealed a lot of inconsistencies.. Read more »
A new modern hall, interesting expositions and additional interesting features with QR codes to make it interesting for young people) I would like to highlight the professionalism of the guide, a very pleasant speech, it is so pleasant to listen to i.. Read more »
The review concerns the planetarium after reconstruction. It definitely hasn't gotten worse, it's already great. What we liked. A good modern projector, not like the old one from the 60s. Comfortable chairs. At the same time, the hall itsel.. Read more »
It would not hurt to write all the information on the site. So we came from Kamenskoye specially to the planetarium. You can only buy a ticket online. It was not possible to purchase tickets 5 minutes before the start of the session. Cash cannot be p.. Read more »
Stunning place! Long and very interesting excursion, especially its first part, where guide Lyudmila gives it in very joking manner. I would come back there again.
Yes, it's new, BUT it's old! Guided tour of the lobby and cartoon! Guys, it's not worth 200-400 UAH ... For 40 UAH, the same program ... Yes, there is a little ... A little interactive ... but not for this money! I would like the price.. Read more »
We wanted to book a session for a group of children. We were told that the rent of the hall is 7000 UAH. And then it turned out that teachers at work had to pay an additional 200 hryvnyas for entrance. Those. the person keeps track of the kids and or.. Read more »
Planetarium class, only one thing - drinks are very expensive !!! And ice cream is very cool all sorts of devices, backpacks and people in spacesuits. if you buy a ticket, do not think that in vain. There is one room with a spotlight. It looks like a.. Read more »
Very interesting and spectacular! Like in a movie theater, only a screen on the ceiling in the form of scans of a dome. Each film has its own theme. A short lecture before the film.
Were at the end of February. Interested in weekend tickets plus a block for children from 4 years old. We got tickets with great difficulty and not immediately. I literally had to catch them on the Internet on the planetarium's official website... Read more »
Excellent renovation, interesting film. It's a shame that everything is now child-oriented. It would be great to make programs for adults, to be serious, to think. Thanks for your work.
I liked the show very much, but tickets have to be bought in advance via the Internet. There is definitely no place for kids
Everything is very cool, we got a lot of cool impressions and, definitely, I want to come again. I recommend it to everyone, it's definitely worth the money !!)
Thank you very much to the administration of the planetarium for the promptness of resolving issues. Earlier, 3 tickets were bought, a child fell ill yesterday, the holiday on March 8 broke off. It was decided to return the tickets. I arrived an hour.. Read more »
In 2021 the planetarium opened after a large-scale reconstruction. Everything is new and very beautiful. We went to the program "Europe's Way to the Stars". The first half of the program was narrated and constellations were shown, foll.. Read more »
has changed a lot. for the better. was at the program for the little ones. I would like more informative. earlier it seems to me they gave more information. although for understanding it would be necessary to look at other programs. in general, the i.. Read more »
Impressions in comparison with the Kharkov planetarium. There is a good repair here, there is an exposition. But the Starry sky is generated by projectors. Ie the sky is dirty gray, the magic is gone. The show is boring and not interesting. A 4-year-.. Read more »
We visited the planetarium today. The lobby has a lot of modern chips, innovative technologies that are coolly combined with historical things, equipment and space suits. In the starry hall itself it is very cozy and clean. The picture quality is the.. Read more »
It was finally opened after reconstruction. A great place for a hike with children, and maybe not only. Everything is new and beautiful, the staff is on fire, ready to tell you about everything! There are several interactive exhibits. New, brand new .. Read more »
Sumptuously! After renovation, definitely worth a visit! The territory is small, but here you can really "hang out" for half a day! It is wonderful that in addition to new interactive technologies that allow you to get acquainted in detail .. Read more »
We were the first visitors on December 29th. Thank you very much for such a wonderful place, the child is delighted. The staff are incredibly friendly, which was a pleasant surprise. I really hope that the inhabitants of Dnipro will be able to keep t.. Read more »
Incredible view. I'm waiting for the opening.
I was in my childhood. Not much to look at.
Pts liked it. The child especially
I was here a long time ago and I liked everything, ? it's a really interesting planetarium?, I'm glad that, as they say, the repairs will be finished soon and you can see what they will do with it?
The planetarium is currently being renovated. About a year ago it was closed for major repairs. They wrote in the news that the repairs were at the finish line and that they were doing finishing work. The facade has already been completed. Looks styl.. Read more »