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Pisa International Airport

Pisa, Italy
2.8 / 47
Pisa International Airport, located in beautiful Tuscany, has received mixed reviews from travelers. Some have criticized the outdated appearance of the airport, stating that it does not represent the beauty of the region. The departure area is described as very small, with the gates located closely together, resulting in a lack of seating and congestion when boarding. The baggage unloading process is efficient, although some bags may end up on the floor. Arrivals passport security is small but typical for an airport. Despite its shortcomings, the airport offers convenient public transport connections, including the Pisamover to the central train terminal. However, during peak summer season, the airport struggles to handle the high volume of flights and passengers, leading to a crowded and stressful experience. The limited seating and lack of amenities have also been a cause for complaint. Despite these criticisms, there are positive aspects to the airport. The exterior is beautiful and well-maintained, while the security process is thorough but quick. The staff are friendly and helpful, adding to the overall experience. Additionally, the airport provides various transportation options into Florence and offers a good atmosphere with coffee shops and a variety of restaurants. Overall, opinions on Pisa International Airport vary. Some travelers find it to be a small and charming airport with friendly staff, while others feel it is outdated, crowded, and lacking in amenities. It is recommended to plan accordingly and be prepared for potential inconveniences.
Phone:+39 050 849111



Outdated airport not representing beautiful Tuscany. Very small departure area with 10 weird "gates" way too close to each other. Not enough seating b.. Read more »
Very efficient at unloading baggage the belt dumps most of the bags onto the floor after they have been round once. The passport security at arrivals .. Read more »
If your dream is to experience what it was like during the 2021 evacuation of Kabul, this airport does a pretty good job, and is probably the best one.. Read more »
Small airport mostly busy summer months about 90 km from Florence Transportation to Florence Direct buses also there is Small train which connect pass.. Read more »
The airport is beautiful on the outside and seemingly kept clean on the inside. Security is thorough but also very quick and efficient. Once through s.. Read more »
Very smooth check in,quickly through security, it's not a very big airport so I can imagine it getting tight on seats at busy times. Small duty free s.. Read more »
After reading the reviews, I was bracing for the worst. It isn’t nearly as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be, but it is far from a great a.. Read more »
Small and charming! The airport staff was very friendly and had a great sense of humor...👌
Small airport, no frills… just what you should expect. Security line moved very quickly. Staff was friendly.
Very clean well organised airport. expencive food. But if your organised you can get your food before.even found a lego dispencing machine. Plenty of .. Read more »
This airport did it. This hell on earth made me hate travel. With it’s nonsense check in policy, we found ourselves sitting in the warm lobby for ove.. Read more »
Well..I didn’t like it much coz of no good public transport connectivity from airport. I had to take taxi and there was no other option. It was hard t.. Read more »
I flew out of Pisa airport on Sunday morning with Ryanair, the first flight of the day, arriving at the airport at just gone 7am. Straight through sec.. Read more »
The airport has met it capacity long time ago. 2-3m between each gate, most people are sitting on the floor + eating on the same spot, in staircase, o.. Read more »
No soap in the gents toilets, flies in the urinals and that was after the "cleaner" had been in. No sign of any cleaning chemicals being used. My wife.. Read more »
Why there is no NO stars option available? Its terrible. If you have the time, better walk to your destination rather than spend one hour at this air.. Read more »
Crowded, hot and poor services. Security line was short, but it dumps you into a fresh hell of swarms of travellers unable to find a seat or a decent.. Read more »
Airport is ok. With Pisa airport CAR RENTAL companies rental prices vary 100-200% depending on the situation by mutual agreement I think. A very modes.. Read more »
What a lovely little airport... very inkeeping with everything you imagine Pisa (and its airport) to be. Everything you need without the faff.. altho.. Read more »
Avoid this place like the plague. If they had 1/10 of the passengers as they have it would be reasonable for a normal airport. Very few options to eat.. Read more »
After clearing security (which can be delightfully smooth if you’re lucky) there are next to no comforts in the general boarding area. The lounge “tem.. Read more »
My experience was awful and very poor. We arrived at Pisa at midnight, the flight was late and after long queue at the immigration check-in we went .. Read more »
Awful!!!! I had a flight this morning . To Riga, Latvia. Very rude attitude!!! They checked me and my bag ! A tricky guy told that I can not take a c.. Read more »
Today I had an absurd experience at the Pisa airport, I used the product dispensing machines and they didn't give me the product and I lost 1.50 there.. Read more »
It seems quite nice till you get through security and then there is nowhere enough seating for the amount of flights running. Also the food is terribl.. Read more »
Very close to Pisa city center, very well connected, an automatic bus-shuttle for 5 euros, and it takes about 10 minutes, 2 stop stations. The airport.. Read more »
All good, surprisingly it was on time and arrived on time. Only thing to say is that when we arrived we were a few steps away from the entrance but .. Read more »
Pisa great airport, great hub to travel through out Europe. Location ideal for short, medium and international travel. Pisamover connects airport to.. Read more »
It is a small airport. Service was smooth, nothing that I can elaborate on. However the public connection (Pisamover) is quite a expensive solution fo.. Read more »
Worked for us! Security was straightforward - pre flight C19 check was 'checked' (read not scanned), passport thoroughly checked (good!) and pass sani.. Read more »
You will be better off to Fly to Rome airport and walk to Pisa .it will be faster than Pisa service airport.appealing service. We have been kept for 2.. Read more »
The security was terrible. We arrived with 2 hours to spare, check in was slow, then security was chaos. Only 2 of 7 security gates open. This caused .. Read more »
Enjoy some microwaved pasta in one of the disgusting cafes. Smile, as you lose the will to live in the depressing, oppressive atmosphere.
Most dirty, old and unorganized airport I’ve ever been. They opened 2 desks for check in, while everyone on our flight to Amsterdam had to check in at.. Read more »
Great local airport, easy to get to, spacious and with good amenities. Definitely a good way to start / finish your holidays.
Everyone this time from food to checking was great, bathroom ? are clean. Not sure what the other person's experience but mine from covid test to wait.. Read more »
Staff rude and not helpful. I’m Italian & they treated not only me but others horribly. They’re clueless on procedure. When asking questions they t.. Read more »
No place to sit, and it is so cold here. The worts airport...
small and easy to access. you can almost reach there by walk from the centrum
This is an international airport that serves several European flights and some extra-European too. For many passengers this will be the first impressi.. Read more »
On July 3 at 12 o'clock I did a quick test of Covid at the airport in Pisa. The test was performed from Dr. Vanessa, medico chirurgo ( see attached ph.. Read more »
As well as the usual, Pay for a luggage trolley, Which you can't take to the car hire depot, Where I haven't seen the shuttle bus in 3 years, though t.. Read more »
The airport is small and old. Easy to navigate but can be very crowdy. An Ok airport for its size.
It's a small airport but very easy to reach and easy process . There is not much sitting area nor shopping centres. But since the city itself is 20 mi.. Read more »
Arrived in the rain. Moved through airport very efficiently, the Co-Vid impacts were minimal. Usual delays waiting for the suitcases to arrive and fo.. Read more »
Yes it's a little airport in a very famous italian city ma in just an hour you can go everywhere. Now there is a train shuttle (5 euros) and in 10 min.. Read more »
Organised, if a little slow. Covid-19 organised
Airport with huge potential but poor management and lack of organization particularly important during difficult times of covid pandemic. You need to .. Read more »
The airport is very close to the city, it is clean and wide range of flights
Pretty good Covid19 preparations
Good regional airport.. Facilities a bit old school, but all that you need to get you to your destination or welcome you (warmly) to Tuscany. Rail co.. Read more »
Pisa Airport is a little gem in Tuscany sea side, though is a small airport is very functional and easy to get through. 1 hour only from Florence by t.. Read more »