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The National Pirogov's Estate Museum

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.7 / 15
The National Pirogov's Estate Museum is a historical museum located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is dedicated to the life and work of Mykola Pyrohov, a renowned doctor from the past. The museum showcases his former home and features various exhibits related to medicine and healthcare. Visitors to the museum can explore the grounds and learn about Pyrohov's contributions to the field of medicine. His anatomical drawings are particularly impressive and demonstrate his talent and skill. The museum also sheds light on the challenges and issues that doctors face, such as inequality in medical training and corruption in government. The pharmacy section of the museum is well-preserved and offers a glimpse into the past, with different medications on display. The house itself has a cellar, which adds an air of mystery to the visit. Overall, the National Pirogov's Estate Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of medicine and the life of a remarkable doctor. Although some visitors may find the lack of English signage and the cost of entry to be drawbacks, the unique experience of exploring this museum and its wax figures is highly recommended. It is an interesting and educational excursion that offers insight into the work and legacy of an extraordinary individual.
Address:Pyrohova Street, 155, Vinnytsia
Phone:+380 432 437 149



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Quick and interesting excursion, unique place and wax figures - one of a kind experience!
Very good. Very important human
Interesting museum of a well know historical doctor
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Awesome place ...its history if this beautiful city
Very beautiful place.
Great place! Recommend to take a guide!
Regular museum. Good park for calm walking
Great place to visit, excellent guidance and very interesting
Lovely park! We had a great excursion, the workers are very friendly! The museums are great!
I enjoyed the trip and the excursion. there is a guide that can speak English fluently. unforgettable experiences !!
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