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Park Slavy

Kherson, Ukraine
4.4 / 8
Park Slavy is an exciting and beautiful place located in Kherson. It offers a great monument and a stunning scenic view of the Dnieper river. Although it appears to be old and not restored, the park is not crowded and is family-friendly. It is a popular spot for people to come in the evenings and relax, smoke some shisha with friends, and have fun. The Dnieper river is a highlight of the park, providing a fabulous backdrop for picnics and relaxation. However, some visitors have mentioned a lack of toilets, with the existing one often being out of order. Despite this, Park Slavy is considered one of the must-see places in Kherson, offering a meditative atmosphere and a peaceful place to observe the beloved river Dnipro. It is a nice park to walk through, with decent cleanliness and maintenance, although the eternal fire is no longer present.



Exciting place!)??
Beautiful place with great monument and scenic view on Dnieper river
Looks old and not restored
Not crowded, family friendly. People come here in the evenings to relax, smoke some shisha with friends, fun times :)
This is a nice place. Mostly not so crowded. The Dniper is just fabulous and there is parking. Good place to have picnics. Nice place just to relax wh.. Read more »
One of the must-see places in Kherson. This is the best point to observe our beloved river Dnipro. A meditative place.
Beautiful place but lack of WC. There is one but always doesn't work.
Nice park to walk through with a view of the river. Decently clean and well maintained. No more eternal fire though.