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Pankrativskiy bridge

Kherson, Ukraine
3.2 / 16
Pankrativskiy Bridge is a significant architectural landmark in my city, with a rich history. It holds nostalgic memories for many, as it used to be a popular spot for sledding during the winter several decades ago. The bridge itself is still in good condition, thanks to the restoration efforts of a former mayor who made positive contributions to the city. However, the area surrounding the bridge is in a state of decay, with ruins and garbage dumps, unfortunately attracting homeless individuals. It is a cause for concern among the locals, as the bridge is located in Kherson. Many residents living nearby have noticed the need for repairs and cleaning, as the bridge is covered in graffiti and has dents on its metal structure. Despite its current condition, the bridge has the potential to become a historical landmark if proper reconstruction is carried out and the surrounding area is cleared.



We went sledding in winter 40-50 years ago, a favorite place for all children and adults, a beam near the bridge ... nostalgia
An architectural landmark of my city, history.
Mos as a bridge) alive and well)
Almost an ancient building
The ruins are in decay and represent - a spontaneous toilet! ..
The Bridge itself is good from above, well, after all, the restoration was carried out by the balance of the former mayor who at least did something i.. Read more »
I live near this bridge, it is very dirty under it, there are a lot of homeless people, everything is painted and painted. There are dents on the meta.. Read more »
I was here for about 15 seconds while driving over the bridge! google, then google!
A good bridge restored his balance to the former mayors of the city.
The place can be a historical landmark of the city, but it is necessary to carry out reconstruction and remove the adjacent territory.
Living interchange of the city, requires no more repairs
The bridge is in deplorable condition, heaps of garbage and dirt around, are the people who live nearby doing the same?
Unfortunately, as a cultural and historical find comes in confusion. Performs only road functions for cars. Constantly clogged, hang out alcoholics, b.. Read more »
Nothing special. In very bad condition
A small stone bridge, built in the 19th century, slightly modified sometime in 2003 due to the collapse of one half of the partitions, a historical mo.. Read more »
People themselves threw garbage all around, and then they are outraged that the dump. So don't quit. I really like this area and the bridge. All the s.. Read more »