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Monument to Volodymyr Vinnychenko

Kropyvnytskyy, Ukraine
4.9 / 14
The Monument to Volodymyr Vinnychenko in Kropyvnytskyi is a harmonious and beautiful place. It is located near a university and a small square with benches, creating a nice atmosphere to meet with loved ones. The architecture of the university is impressive and adds to the beauty of the area. The monument itself is the world's first monument dedicated to a Ukrainian writer, politician, and statesman. It stands at a height of 3.65 meters and is a symbol of the city's appreciation for Vinnychenko's contributions. While some may argue that another figure, such as Ivan Franko, would have been a better choice for a monument, the overall beauty and atmosphere of the area makes it a great place to visit. Whether you are a student studying nearby or just looking for a cozy spot to relax, the Monument to Volodymyr Vinnychenko offers a picturesque and atmospheric experience.
Address:3, Neihauza Street, Kropyvnytskyi



The place, location and shape of the monument are harmonious. Nice place.
great place to meet after couples
My institute is nearby.
A very beautiful place . The architecture of the university is impressive, next to a small square with benches. Very beautiful flower beds have green .. Read more »
In combination with the buildings of the university, it looks very beautiful.
A beautiful university nearby, but the monument could not be erected in honor of the traitor. Ivan Franko would look more harmonious than Vynnychenko.
Well, I study at the Lyceum and often sit near the monument, a cozy place
Very nice and atmospheric
Beautiful monument in a good location
The world's first monument to a Ukrainian writer, public, political and statesman, the first head of the Ukrainian government, Volodymyr Vinnychenko, .. Read more »
A truly historic place! And studying at this institution is a pleasure!
The monument to Vladimir Vinnichenko is located on the territory of the pedagogical university and at first glance is in good condition, the monument .. Read more »
A beautiful monument is an appropriate place to install, you can take some good pictures, I advise everyone being in Kropyvnytskyi to visit it. Good m.. Read more »
Everything is beautiful, neat.