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Памятник художнику

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
5 / 3
"Памятник художнику" is an intriguing and unique sculpture that may not catch your attention at first glance. It is located along the Cathedral in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, and can easily be missed while strolling by. However, this monument is definitely worth a closer look. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend taking an extra 50 meters to discover this hidden gem and capture a cool photo. It only takes a couple of minutes of leisurely walking from the Cathedral or the Tower to reach this captivating sculpture.
Address:Arkhitektora Artynova Street, 16, Vinnytsia



interesting sculpture
The monument is not noticeable, they did not immediately notice it. Original.
You can immediately pass by, or not see it while walking along the Cathedral, but the monument is cool. If you are walking around Vinnitsa, then walk .. Read more »