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Pam'yatnyk Hoholyu

Poltava, Ukraine
4.6 / 16
"Pam'yatnyk Hoholyu" is a beautiful monument dedicated to the world-famous writer, Mykola Gogol. It was created by the renowned sculptor Posen and stands on a poor pedestal that is in need of restoration. Despite this, the surrounding area is spacious, green, and clean, even on weekends. There are also interesting sculptures nearby that depict characters from Gogol's works. The monument itself is wonderful and leaves a lasting impression. While I am not a permanent resident of Poltava, I have lived here for a while and the city has become like home to me. I appreciate everything about it, except for the presence of obscenities. It is disheartening to see adults and children using foul language everywhere, as if it is the norm. This is something that needs to be addressed. In regards to the monuments in Poltava in general, each one has an original pedestal, which is quite impressive. However, in the case of "Pam'yatnyk Hoholyu," the podium and steps are a disgrace and reflect poorly on the local authorities. It is clear that they should be better maintained. The surrounding square features benches where visitors can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Overall, the monument to the outstanding Ukrainian writer, Mykola Gogol, is a beautiful place to visit, especially for those who are familiar with his works. It is heartening to see that efforts are being made to preserve this place. I highly recommend taking a theater tour to further appreciate the influence of Gogol's writings. The monument itself is both beautiful and simple, with a classic representation of Gogol inviting us to sit on a nearby city bench. I remember purchasing envelopes, calendars, postcards, and badges with the image of this monument from kiosks in Soyuzpechat. It was a source of pride to buy and send these items to friends. The location of the monument is easy to find, as it is right in the center, opposite the theater of the same name. I suggest taking a walk along the park to explore the other sculptures depicting characters from Gogol's works, such as "Evenings on a Farm," "Viy," and "Christmas Night." In conclusion, "Pam'yatnyk Hoholyu" is a great place to visit, and it is particularly enjoyable for children. The addition of the Alley of Gogol's Heroes behind the monument adds to its charm and significance.



A very beautiful monument to the world-famous writer of the famous sculptor Posen, but on a poor pedestal, which has long needed if not replacement, then at least restoration
Spacious, green, clean even on the weekend. Nearby are interesting sculptures to the works of Gogol
The monument is wonderful. I am not the permanent inhabitant of Poltava. I lived here 4 while. The city became native. I like everything, except one: obscenity. Mothers use all: adults, small everywhere and everywhere. It hurts. Nobody will notice to.. Read more »
The beautiful bronze monument looks great and the podium and steps are of course a disgrace to the local authorities in the regional center should be better
Square with benches where you can walk and drink coffee.
Monument to the outstanding Ukrainian writer Mykola Gogol
A very beautiful place, especially if you read Gogol. Thanks for keeping an eye on this place. Be sure to take a theater tour, it's crazy
A beautiful and simple monument at the same time, where the classic sits and as if invites us to sit on the city bench. I remember that in Soyuzpechat kiosks they sold envelopes and calendars, postcards and badges with the image of this monument, and.. Read more »
Just great! Kids are delighted.
The Alley of Gogol's Heroes was created behind the monument.
Gorgeous place.
The monument is located near the theater. Behind the monument is a cozy alley where you can read a book in the shade of trees on a hot summer day. / The monument is located near the theater. Behind the monument is a cozy alley where you can read a bo.. Read more »
One of the Heroes and Intellectual Personality in the writers' history of Ukraine. He was a significant character who inspired millions of ukrainian with his story writing skills. A street is named "Gogolia Street" to admire his work.... Read more »
The monument to Mykola Gogol is a monument in honor of the writer Mykola Vasilievich Gogol (1809-1852) in Poltava. The monument was erected in March 1934 at the intersection of Nebesnaya Sotna and Gogol streets. The bronze sculpture of a writer sitt.. Read more »
N.V. Gogol was born on Poltava land, in the village of Veliky Sorochintsy, lived and studied in Poltava. In many works he sang of his native land. The monument was created and presented to the city by the sculptor L.V. Posen in 1915. On a high pedest.. Read more »
Nice monument.