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Hetman monument to Ivan Mazepa

Poltava, Ukraine
4 / 5
The Hetman monument to Ivan Mazepa is a relatively new addition to the walking street known as October Street in Poltava. Situated around 30 meters away from the popular symbol of love for the city, "I love Poltava," this monument is a sight to behold. The square where it stands is adorned with numerous trees, creating a serene and tranquil environment, perfect for spending a relaxing family weekend. The monument itself is a stunning tribute to the Ukrainian hetman, Ivan Mazepa, showcasing the rich history and culture of the region. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in Ukrainian history or simply appreciating beautiful art.



A comparatively newly constructed Monument at the start of the walking street famous as October Street in Poltava. This monument is located around 30 .. Read more »
It is a beautiful square with lots of trees around and relaxing atmosphere for a family weekend.
Nice Monument.
Very interesting place
Beautiful monument for Ukrainian hetman