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Palatine Hill

Rome, Italy
4.7 / 31
Palatine Hill is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and archaeology lovers alike. As one of the seven hills of Rome, it holds great historical significance and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. The hill is home to the ruins of the imperial palaces, including those of Emperor Augustus, as well as ancient temples, baths, and villas. Walking through the hill's paths, visitors can truly feel the weight of history and imagine what life was like during ancient Roman times. The highlight of the visit is undoubtedly the breathtaking view of the Roman Forum from the top of the hill. From this vantage point, one can see the entire archaeological site and appreciate the grandeur of Rome's past. While the path up the hill may be a bit challenging, the effort is well worth it. Comfortable footwear is recommended, as the terrain can be uneven in places. It is also advisable to bring water and light snacks, especially during warm weather. For a more enriching experience, taking a guided tour is highly recommended. The guides can provide valuable insights into the history and stories behind the ruins, making the visit more engaging and informative. Visiting Palatine Hill is an ideal way to spend a day in Rome, especially when the weather is pleasant. The combination of historical significance, beautiful views, and the opportunity to explore ancient ruins makes it an unforgettable destination.
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Pretty trees. Sunny and little shade on summer day. Free cold water fountains everywhere.
The hill provides very nice gardens and amazing views to all directions
Closes by 6:30pm even in rush tourist season
History making.
Must visit right after coliseum. Beautiful architecture and art all around
City of Rome!
Ruins of Rome.
Unforgettable experience! It is really worth booking the Colosseum + Palatine tour
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Could not visit Rome & not visit this beautiful place.
You can feel the calm of this place. Great view and best place to go for a picnic in Rome.
Purchase tickets online; includes Coliseum, Palatine, and Forum. Documentaries and books are great but actually standing there is an amazing experienc.. Read more »
great view from above. it takes you just 15 mins walk from roman forum. A place worth visiting once in a lifetime. feels like going back 3000 years ag.. Read more »
You can visit the ruins at Palatine Hill after your trip to the Colosseum. A good glimpse into the history of room with ancient buildings, statues and.. Read more »
Great place to have a view of roman forum and colosseum.. must visit.. Tickets included with colosseum tickets..
A walk through history.
Amazing scenery
Well preserved and interesting part of history
Garden on top of palatine hill. Nice for the views over the forum romanum.
Place with nice view for historical part of Rome. Dont forget to take water, because its large area.
Before visiting the Palatine Hill and its gardens, full of beautiful flowers and plants, its necessary reading about the history of this magic place ... Read more »
historical place. worth a visit
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It's really awesome
Best view of Rome from Palatine Hill. Very interesting tour through Walks of Italy. Emma is great guide.
The history teaches us many lessons, we are not invincible, many things that we consider as great can become dust in course of time... But it is alway.. Read more »
cool place I took a nap there
Beautiful place with great vantage point views.
Roman history, worth a look.
Take extra time when visiting Palatine Hill. It can't really be appreciated unless you have a few hours to walk all areas. Many hills and stairs, but .. Read more »