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One World Trade Center

New York, USA
4.9 / 32
One World Trade Center is an iconic symbol of resilience and strength, serving as a tribute to a tragic event while embracing hope for the future. The observatory offers stunning panoramic views of the city, showcasing its architectural wonders. The museum's exhibits pay tribute to the lives lost and the spirit of unity that emerged. The sleek design and modern facilities create a seamless and enjoyable visitor experience. Visiting One World Trade Center is a moving and awe-inspiring journey that will leave a lasting impression. It is a must-visit attraction in New York City, offering a unique opportunity to learn, reflect, and marvel at the beauty of the city.



One World Trade Center stands as a symbol of resilience and strength, honoring the memory of a tragic event while embracing a hopeful future. The obse.. Read more »
Having visited many of New York City's top attractions, I can confidently say that the One World Trade Center stands apart. It encapsulates the city's.. Read more »
Quite simply the best and tallest view of New York, so definitely worth doing, especially on a clear day. It was absolutely one of the highlights of m.. Read more »
Incredible view. Could not recommend more. And unlike other tower views in the city (Empire State for example), there's plenty of room to comfortably .. Read more »
amazing place. several things to do. the 9/11 memorial is very beautiful and a great place to meditate. the ONE tour is amazing. the view from the obs.. Read more »
Riding the elevator to the top of One World Trade Center in New York City is an unforgettable experience for any tourist. As you ascend the 104 floors.. Read more »
A truly special place to visit. It's both awesome and eerie at the same time. The views up top are absolutely stunning. I think only top of the rock b.. Read more »
Great place to see New York from the top. Highest building and all of that. Most probably better than going up the empire state building, however, it .. Read more »
Excellent views and the interactive guide on the tablet was actually quite useful for identifying different areas and buildings in the city. We booked.. Read more »
Basically a must-see if you plan to come to Manhattan. The building's exterior and design speaks for itself, and I'd definitely recommend getting a ti.. Read more »
One World Trade Centre( Freedom Tower) is the TALLEST Tower in the USA or Seventh TALLEST in the World situated in Lower Manhattan of NYork city.After.. Read more »
No long lines, plenty of bathrooms and wonderful views from observation deck. 360 degrees. Wheelchair accessible. Can't see out of elevator which was .. Read more »
This may be the best $48 you'll ever spend. (per person of course) I believe memories last a lifetime and this is one opportunity you don't want to mi.. Read more »
The architecture and character built around the monumental World Trade Center is stellar and amazing! There is more to see than just pictures alone. T.. Read more »
Arrived here after daylight savings and I must say hung around until it was dark and the views are amazing. The restaurant with its ambiance, food and.. Read more »
This is very great place to observe NYC. You might want to see both day time and night. So just choose timing wisely so you will see beautiful sunset .. Read more »
Wow, what an experience! We spent 4 hours in the museum and it wasn't nearly enough time. So much to see and read. A very powerful experience! Went to.. Read more »
Beautiful memorial. The fountain is the base of the tower structure and the hole the water falls into is so deep you can’t see the bottom. Very calmin.. Read more »
Great view. The "show" is well set up. As for me. no need to buy the most expensive ticket on their list. It was fast to get in without the skip the l.. Read more »
Very beautiful inside. Looks almost unassuming until you walk inside. Very odd large "spikey" white building definitely turns heads in NYC considering.. Read more »
Amazing building. A true symbol of new york in my eyes and the nation as a whole. I’m amazed at the building they were able to erect in place of the p.. Read more »
This is quite an experience for us to go to this place . The view from the observatory on the top was amazing and breathtaking. You could see an over.. Read more »
The 911 museum was one the most touching experiences I've ever had. As you walk through each floor you are truly transformed back into the center of o.. Read more »
If your visiting NYC this is a stop I would recommend you be sure to make! Once we heard the main building was completed and open we made it a point .. Read more »
We were greeted right away from a very nice and pleasant employee. Along each step of the way to the elevators, each worker was pleasant and nice. .. Read more »
We went today on a zero visibility day. It was too bad that we couldn’t see anything but we did get to meet Emma! She was absolutely amazing. She took.. Read more »
Helping my friend here with here new product that's not on the market. She stuggle with her product with her the best I try all I can to help. Busines.. Read more »
Absolutely awesome! Right from the start it had our attention. My kids were intrigued and excited. The elevator ride was super cool. The opening vi.. Read more »
Amazing ! You must experience how it feels to be at the top of one of the tallest and very known buildings in the world ! It stands tall and strong am.. Read more »
See gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty and some of Manhattan, but the multiple layers of glass were giving me reflections, even when pressed up a.. Read more »
I LOVE this place!! Currently, it's VERY SAD to see it SO EMPTY! So MANY GREAT places to eat... and NOWHERE IS SEATING, OR EVEN STANDING AT A COUNTER,.. Read more »
The architecture is mind-blowing, the whole building is made of mirror glass. While going up with the elevator there is a nice presentation about the .. Read more »
Astonishing. Not only for what it represents, but also for its impressive engineering and architecture. At the observatory deck views are jaw dropping.. Read more »
Not only is this striking and majestic building a symbol of American strength, grit, and perseverance - this place has reverently captured the heart o.. Read more »
The tallest building I the United States!! 360 degree observation deck view!! Great gift shop! What a great tribute to the rebuilding of the tragedy o.. Read more »
Such a cool building! It's amazing to see how the great people of New York came together after 9/11 to rebuild and create such an amazing building and.. Read more »
Amazing experience, the elevator is pretty fun, fast, informative and unique. Best time to go is between sunset and night, you will love the view.
Amazing, Awesome building, the elevator experience was awesome to the core, there a great view from the top of the tower. You can see Statue of Libe.. Read more »
It is not only the holder of largest exhibitions in region like Big 5, Arab Health, Gulf Food, Beauty World, Med Lab & Arabian Travel Market
The elevators are very fast and if you’re going up you will see an animation of New York and how it developed to a Metropolis. After that you can walk.. Read more »
One World Trade Center (also known as One World Trade, One WTC, or Freedom Tower)[note 1] is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center compl.. Read more »
Building does not need review...the way it's built amazing and magnificent....should always respect the people worked hard who did that.