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Old Synagogue

Krakow, Poland
4.3 / 35
The Old Synagogue in Krakow is a must-visit location for those interested in learning about Jewish culture and history. The synagogue, which is the oldest still-standing synagogue in Poland, has been beautifully restored both inside and out. While the exterior may not be as impressive as the interior, the exhibits inside offer a wealth of information on the history of the synagogue and Judaism as a whole. Despite its historical value, the Old Synagogue can get quite crowded with tourists, so be prepared for a potentially crowded experience. However, the fact that entrance is free makes it a more accessible option for those on a budget. For those unsure about paying the entrance fee, visiting on a Monday is a great option as entrance is free on that day. Visiting the Old Synagogue is not just about appreciating the architecture and exhibits, but also about gaining knowledge and understanding of the Jewish culture and its traditions. The museum provides a comprehensive look into various aspects of Jewish life, including weddings, death customs, food diets, and the history of the Jewish people. It is a place that deserves respect and should be treated as a spiritual and religious site. While some visitors had negative experiences with a particular security guard, overall, the staff at the Old Synagogue are praised for their kindness and respect. It is unfortunate when negative encounters with staff members overshadow the importance and value of such a place. For those interested in visiting, it is worth noting that the museum is located in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, and is related to the history of Jews in the city. It may not be as captivating for everyone, but for those with an interest in Jewish culture and history, it offers an interesting and informative experience. Overall, the Old Synagogue in Krakow provides a unique opportunity to learn about Jewish culture, traditions, and history. It may not have the same intensity as other old synagogues, but it is still a significant and important site to visit, especially for those who are Jewish and traveling through the area.
Address:Szeroka 24, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 09 62



Very good place to learn about Jewish culture! They have very good explanations for various tradition so I'd definitely recommend it. It was very heav.. Read more »
The oldest synagogue in Krakow and one of the oldest surviving synagogues in Poland. It is now a museum and you may only enter for a fee. Nicely resto.. Read more »
Of incredible historical value, this is the oldest synagogue still standing in Poland today. It houses a small exhibit on Jewish History in Poland.
The "Old Synagogue" is a place where anyone would profit from it by visiting it. If someone is not sure whether it is worthed its money, then they can.. Read more »
A beautiful synagogue amazing it’s still standing after WW11 beautiful paintings and displays giving an insight into Jewish life in the present and ye.. Read more »
The synagogue was very interesting, however, the security guard who was a corpulent woman treated as unrespectfully without reason. I have decided to .. Read more »
This museum is located in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. I don't find this museum very much interesting. This museum is related to the history of J.. Read more »
Interesting with some nice photographic displays. Would be better with scheduled talks, tours or other events delving more into the history of this p.. Read more »
interesting indeed but lack the intensity of others old synagogues like the one in Prague. small and not that unique it offers a museum inside but aga.. Read more »
Ok place to see and read about jews culture and history, hopefully more interesting for other people than me ☺️
I went twice to try to visit it on the weekend and during the week, but it turns out that the closing times are not real, 17 or 14h, the last visit is.. Read more »
Literally paid to enter 2 rooms, nothing like I was expecting and I most definitely didn't learn anything! Disappointed.
The oldest synagogue in Krakow and one of the oldest surviving synagogues in Poland. It is now a museum and you may only enter for a fee. Nicely resto.. Read more »
Great museum for explaining the essential elements of Jewish religious observance. Densely informative with many artifacts on display. The impromptu s.. Read more »
Interesting and important spot. Recommend to take a guide to the entire Jewish story of the city
The oldest synagogue in Krakow and one of the oldest in Poland. It is now a museum and you may only enter for a fee. Nicely restored inside and out. T.. Read more »
Really informative and educational for a Christian as I am in to looking into the rites and rituals and equipment of practising Judaism. Beautiful ins.. Read more »
It has a very sad story, was rebuilt, but guessing it lost much of its original charm as it looks so modern now :))
Well worth a visit, historically this place is interesting and an important part of the Jewish life.
An important piece of the Jewish history in Krakow.
Very interesting building from outside. Unfortunately I did not have time to enter.
Interesting ... but not much mentioned about Krakow during WW2. Only an insight into the Jewish religion.
We will always remember all jews who have been killed during WW2 ?❤️ ? ?
Always find some new info there.
The first stop on my Jewish tour of historic Kazimierz. Krakow was, at one point, essentially the nexus of Jewish culture in Europe, & possibly the wo.. Read more »
A true historical monument with plenty of great artefacts. Once you visit the time stops and you go back 50 to 100 years. Everybody should visit. Shal.. Read more »
delusion. low attention to the main aspects that make this sinagogue one of the most important in europe. without a guide, the visit is unuseful.
Beautiful a lot of picture and old thinks
Very informative. Humbling historical record.
It is a must see at Cracow. There is a film about how the synagogue was built and evolved.
Very well preserved synagogue, we took a walking tour there and learned of it's history, it's a sad one.
Lot of students so it was verry loudy
Synagogue is now a museum. Inside are small parts of original interior and couple of artifacts related with Judaism. There are tablets explaining ritu.. Read more »
Should be better organised, but worth a visit
Museum in old synagogue telling the story about polish jews.
Good. Very old place.
Very nice area, important to visit !
Old synagogue ? is beautiful place to visit. It was my first try with jewish food and i love it
A very informative insite to Judaism. Both the beliefs and culture well explained. I would highly recommend a visit.
Worth a visit. You can also get a ride with an electric cart from here to the Oskar Schindler's factory.
On Mondays, it is free. Obviously worthy to see it. There are many things to learn inside and there is a good exhibition about Old Kazimierz. Old and .. Read more »
Real nice place and interesting piece of history. Even if a sad period of the past blackened it, this district is a true marvel to watch and explore. .. Read more »