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Obelisk Drogowskaz

Warsaw, Poland
4 / 5
Obelisk Drogowskaz is a stunning stone structure that catches the eye with its beauty. With a simple design, it serves as a signpost, guiding travelers to the locations of Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Oslo. However, one might wonder, where is Warsaw? Despite its simplicity, this pole is highly regarded for its aesthetic appeal. While it may not offer much beyond the distances to different cities, this stone monument holds a certain charm that draws visitors in. It stands tall, warning travelers to be cautious as they explore the surrounding area. Its unique positioning makes it an interesting spot to stop and take a moment to read some informational details. Some may argue that as a tourist attraction, Obelisk Drogowskaz lacks the wow factor. It merely presents a piece of rock accompanied by distance markers. However, for those passing by, it can still provide a brief pause to gather information and continue on their journey. It is worth noting that the monument showcases distances to various cities in Poland and around the world, which can be useful for those planning their next adventure. Overall, Obelisk Drogowskaz is a modest yet visually delightful monument that serves its purpose as a signpost. While it may not offer any extraordinary features, it still captures the attention of those who appreciate its beauty. So, if you happen to come across this stone structure, take a moment to admire its craftsmanship and perhaps learn something new about the distances between cities.
Address:Aleje Jerozolimskie 46, Warszawa



the signpost informs where Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo are located and where is Warsaw? very nice pole
This stone is beautiful 😍. Watch out at the top, they're prowling the area.
For a tourist attraction, it's very poor. A piece of rock plus towns with distances. It's definitely not worth looking for something special. As you p.. Read more »
Distances in kilometers to various cities in Poland and around the world.
Show distances from that poin...