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Nevytsky Castle

Uzhgorod, Ukraine
4.6 / 12
Nevytsky Castle is a true castle that has its own unique atmosphere. It is great to see that restoration works are taking place, preserving this historical gem. However, visitors have to walk through an unfortunate "tunnel of shame" due to the forest in front of the castle being turned into a private hotel with restricted access. This is a sad reminder of failed land administration. Despite this setback, Nevytsky Castle is still a beautiful place to visit. The castle itself may not be grand, but the walk through the forest to reach it is absolutely stunning. The view from the castle is also breathtaking, making the journey worthwhile. Keeping history alive is essential for a prosperous future, and Nevytsky Castle plays a part in this. It is a great place to witness and learn about amazing historical events. We highly recommend stopping by and experiencing it for yourself. The castle is awesome, and the overall place is simply beautiful. It offers a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It seems that a major restoration project has begun, which is exciting news for the castle's preservation. Additionally, the sunset point is particularly attractive, providing a picturesque setting. While the entryway to the castle passes through a new hotel zone that is currently closed off, it is still an interesting place to visit. The climb to the castle can be enjoyed with kids, although it may not be entirely safe for them. Despite being a ruin, Nevytsky Castle is definitely worth a visit. A pleasant walk from the nearby village of "Kamjanica" leads to the castle, and the outlook from there is truly magnificent.



True castle with it's own special vibe. Very happy to see some restoration works going on. You have to walk to the castle through an awful "tunnel of .. Read more »
A beautiful place . The castle is not great but the walk that we take in the forest to get there, is just beautiful . The view from the nevyts'ke cast.. Read more »
Keeping your history alive is the path to a successful future
Great place to see some amazing history. Highly recommend to stop and see it.
Awasome castle and beautiful place to visit.
A big restoration is begun ? Nice sunset ? point. Very attractive. Long entryway besides new hotel zone(private with restrictions to enter - not open.. Read more »
Interesting place to visit
Good place to climb with kids, although not safe for them
Great Castle
Ruin nevertheless worth a visit. Nice walk from "Kamjanica" village and great outlook to boot.
Beautiful ruins, must visit
nice view point!
Too muddy to get there, We went.
It is falling down... Be careful
Very beautiful place, lots of places to take a good photos and also spend a good time.
Really special historical place but needed to be helps with the reconstruction and care from local authorities.