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Neon Wielka Warszawa

Warsaw, Poland
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Neon Wielka Warszawa is an incredibly impressive neon light located in Constitution Square in Warsaw. It is just one of the many stunning neon lights in the area. This particular neon art piece represents the "general city plan" that was developed in 1928 by a team of architects and urbanists. It is both unique and somewhat frightening to look at, and it is freely accessible to the public on Marszałkowska Street. I must admit that I only discovered this incredible installation a year ago, even though I have passed by it countless times before. As someone who appreciates neon lights and urban art, I am ashamed that it took me so long to notice it. The installation is an interpretation of the General Plan of Greater Warsaw from 1928, which was created by a team of urban planners, architects, and technicians led by Stanisław Różański. The concept depicted the development of the capital city and its suburbs at that time. It was functionally divided into different areas such as downtown City, Saska Axis, Trakt Królewski, historic Śródmieście, a residential district in Pole Mokotowskie, and various residential and industrial districts. The illustration of the plan from the 1920s was created in a style inspired by avant-garde modernist graphics.
Address:Marszałkowska 77/79, Warszawa



One of the coolest neon lights around, and there are quite a few around Constitution Square. Represents the „general city plan” developed by a team of.. Read more »
Unusual and terrifying. A piece of neon art in free access on Marszałkowska.
I am ashamed to admit that I discovered it only a year ago, and I must have passed it dozens of times. I would like to add that I am an observer type .. Read more »
The installation is an interpretation of the General Plan of Greater Warsaw from 1928, developed by a team of urban planners, architects and technicia.. Read more »