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National Museum of the History of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.2 / 21
The National Museum of the History of Ukraine offers an enlightening experience for those interested in learning about the country's rich history. While the lack of English texts may initially disappoint, hiring a guide is highly recommended. The guide, Alex, impressed visitors with his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for Ukrainian history, providing explanations for over 1.5 hours. The museum is located in a beautiful building, but the renovation outside may lead visitors to believe it is closed. However, a small note on the front door directs them to the entrance in the backyard, which could be better marked. Inside, visitors can admire the statues and sculptures that showcase a common artistic language spanning hundreds of years. The paintings shed an objective light on history, and some visitors even developed a fondness for the representation of a drunk peasant. English explanations are limited, making the museum less engaging for English speakers. However, its location is still appreciated by visitors. Some reviewers found the museum disorganized and lacking in exhibits, with limited information in English. Others felt that the recent addition of more English information was a positive improvement. Criticisms include the strange arrangement of the exhibits, the lack of translations, closed or empty halls, and issues with the lighting in one section. Some visitors suggest investing more money to enhance the museum's educational value. Despite these drawbacks, the museum offers an interesting insight into Ukraine's history, and hiring a guide is recommended for a better understanding of the exhibits.
Address:Volodymyrs'ka St, 2, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 278 4864



First I went trough the museum without a guide. As there are not so many english texts, i was a bit disapointed. However, as i was curious about the h.. Read more »
There was renovation outside the building. We thought it was closed. There is a small note on the front door, if you read it, it directs you to the en.. Read more »
There’s no English explanations under every object which makes the museum boring. I liked it’s location
Amazing place and must visit we really enjoyed our time We met school kids having great history listen
Youcan find everything about Ukraine history in that place. That's why it was an awesome experience for me.
Beautiful building, great location, disorganized and lacking exhibits. Not much for English speakers, had like maybe 5 plaques, no audio guide. Better.. Read more »
Interesting museum about Ukraine’s history. It was good to see that they have recently added more information about the exhibits in English.
Good for ukrainian people, but not for tourists. What i disliked: - Weird arrangement (there is Different Halls, for Different Times. But you have to .. Read more »
It was an interesting museum about the history of Ukraine. No English friendly exhibits, so I highly recommend you get a tour if you want to understa.. Read more »
Not that I didn't like it, I did. But it could be better than it is now. Some pieces are lacking info, some are cheap reproduction, some have nothing .. Read more »
Excellent, fascinating collection tracing historical epochs from Scythian through Soviet. Good for kids and at a great location near St. Andrew's, Vol.. Read more »
When you arrive just ask at the counter for an English guide. They will charge 500ukh, but it is definitely worth it and you will learn a lot about Uk.. Read more »
Its a good museum, however it would be better if there is an English translation for every part of the museum.
Lots to see. 75 uah entrance fee very reasonable. Closed on Wednesdays. Open 10 to 6 every other day.
A history of Ukraine with some English translations. Worth a visit as it's very near to St Andrews Church.
Very interesting excursion. I and my colleagues enjoyed a lot
Lots to see, many very interesting pieces and exhibitions. Unfortunately there is some English but not enough to be properly enjoyed by an English spe.. Read more »
Ukraine has a rich history. It was first time there and as one who really historical subjects, it was fascinating! I was fortunate to have visited the.. Read more »
Most Information is not available in English, which makes a self tour not very pleasant. As a national state museum, it could be more international.
Really cool place to visit, first we were just going through but one worker asked us if we wanted an English tour through the museum. It was only 6 eu.. Read more »
Great place Entrance: 50 UAH No detailed arabic neither English information on the items ( just you must use ur imagination) So without a guide ( wor.. Read more »