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National Museum in Krakow

Krakow, Poland
4.3 / 41
The National Museum in Krakow is a highly recommended destination for history enthusiasts and art lovers. The collection is extensive and the exhibits are well-curated, offering a diverse range of artwork and historical artifacts. The staff is friendly and informative, adding to the overall positive experience. The museum is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for visitors. However, it can get crowded at times and the gift shop is a bit pricey. Despite these minor downsides, the National Museum in Krakow is definitely worth a visit.
Address:Aleja 3 Maja 1, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 433 55 00



Great collection, well-curated exhibits. Must-see for history buffs. Staff friendly, informative. Convenient location. Minor downsides: crowded, price.. Read more »
There was a short line that we had to stand in before we bought our tickets. The normal ticket only allows you into two exhibits on the top floor and .. Read more »
The 2 main parts are the one about modern art and the one about furniture. I found the furniture's one a bit boring and dark. The other floor is, on t.. Read more »
A wonderful museum in Krakow that contains both modern and historical artwork from Polish artists. Check the museum's website to find free admission.. Read more »
I can here on the free day, Tuesday, I arrived around 16:30 (it closes at 18:00) and it was very quite. There were two exhibitions which were free, on.. Read more »
The National Museum in Krakow is truly a gem worth exploring, as it holds a remarkable collection of art and history. From the moment you step inside,.. Read more »
The museum houses an amazing collection of pictures of Polish painters, many of them are just stunning. In each room there's information about artists.. Read more »
Interesting museum about Polish history and art. Big enough to spend an hour or two. We went on a Tuesday afternoon meaning free entrance to the perma.. Read more »
Much better than expected. Great history of Polish modern art for the 20th and 21st century. Lots of space in the gallery and a huge amount of work to.. Read more »
So many Polish artists that should be seen. Why don’t we see them around the world more. Just as good as all the others of their time. Well planned mo.. Read more »
categorically do not recommend! if you buy a regular ticket 32!!!! zł you will find furniture and old clothes and household items. the staff is ext.. Read more »
This place is huge, I couldn't really do justice to it in an hour. I was amazed how quiet it was today, more staff there than visitors. I only saw a c.. Read more »
It is definitely a must see for every foreigner visiting Poland. We enjoyed visiting although we didn't take the audio guide (then you have almost no .. Read more »
We went on one of the free days they have here for museums in the city. BUT this "free" only extends to the permanent exhibitions and NOT to the other.. Read more »
Wonderful museum with variety of collections . Paintings, old furniture, modern art . Everyone will find something interesting there. I could spend th.. Read more »
I would say it was a good museum, very nice artwork and the staff seemed decent enough for me, as an English speaker. Can't really fault it too much. .. Read more »
You won’t regret spending several hours here, where the museum’s permanent collection covers Polish painters, contemporary artists, impressionists, as.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing experience. Staff were very knowledgeable and happy to talk about the art. We had a wonderful first visit definitely we will be bac.. Read more »
I visited few National Museum around the world and this one was the worst. It look like something from years ago that was never renovated. Everything .. Read more »
This is a superb place to experience Poland's rich history. A great variety of artefacts and art. The staff are all very friendly too. The café is oka.. Read more »
I liked the museum very much. I especially enjoyed the contemporary polish artists. They have own unusual style and big talent. I uncovered lots of ne.. Read more »
A pleasant couple of hours was spent here. Free entry when we went. Some interesting Art and historical artefacts, more there than I was expecting act.. Read more »
Quaint little museum. Good selection of Polish contemporary art as well as some temporary exhibits. Right now Ursula von Rydingsvard’s sculptures, dra.. Read more »
The national museum is rather nice, and has a good selection of art pieces. However, nothing there is that new to me. I have seen similar stuff in oth.. Read more »
Just to be aware the arms and armour exhibition is closed for renovations until 2023. Still worth a visit but, good to know. The arms and armour rooms.. Read more »
An extensive collection of historic Polish artifacts and goods, and entrance is free on Tuesdays. The museum would benefit from more detailed descript.. Read more »
Always interesting expositions and always a pleasure visiting this museum! It is spacious, has good lights, nicely arranged interiors walls, colours, .. Read more »
The part that is open is wonderful, BUT some place you would think that it would be mentioned (on the main web site or even at the museum ) that the w.. Read more »
A one stop destination to see a historical masterpiece! World class craftsmanship. A must visit destination to see, enjoy the history of Poland and Eu.. Read more »
I was amazed by exhibits of art-déco tableware and this gorgeous 1860's dress. I don't think I've ever seen this much fashion history in any museum.
Post COVID the museum only had one exhibition of decorative art. One should better wait until September 2021, prior to visiting
Great exhibition if you have already visited the Czartoryskich museum. They have two half an hour breaks in the afternoon, so you might be asked to wa.. Read more »
Really nice museum , you can spend a lot of time enjoy the art works , history and ever get bored!
It is a miracle of biblical proportions that this museum is not completely empty. There has never been anything of value in Krakow, and this city's co.. Read more »
Good place to know about art and medieval culture of poland
Beautiful art galleries and expositions! All information in Polish and English. People that are working there are very friendly and patient.
This is a great museum that you can see the history of Poland so well. You can also see many items from Ottoman Empire.
Went to see the Da Vinci Lady with Ermine. It didn't disappoint. Well worth a visit.
Interesting exhibitions with lots of Polish history and art. On Tuesdays entrance is free
Nice museum but the lighting is a bit strange in some rooms sometimes, especially in the "Arms and armors" exhibition where it can get really really d.. Read more »
Very helpful staff. Enjoyed the stay.
Full price, but half closed. I realize this may have suffered a lot from covid pandemic, but seriously, the experience was dreadful. Everything was da.. Read more »
It's the must-see museum in Krakow that will familiarise you with Polish art and culture. Check their website for more branches. There is also The Out.. Read more »
The building was surprisingly ugly. Especially compared to the old town buildings. Not many arts on there. Everything far behind some plastic barriers.. Read more »
Great place to get some background on Poland's vast history. The current exhibit on stained glass was exceptional.