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Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 12
The Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in Nikolaev is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The museum showcases the rich history of shipbuilding in the city, which has been its main activity since its inception. The replicas of the ships on display are incredibly detailed, and the museum also houses a collection of paintings, documents, and tools related to shipbuilding. What sets this museum apart is the sheer number and variety of ships that have been built here over the years. If you've ever wondered where the old Soviet empire built its warships and submarines, look no further than this museum. During the Soviet era, the city was off-limits to tourists due to the secretive projects developed here. Sadly, the shipbuilding industry has declined in recent years, making the museum a poignant reminder of a bygone era. While some visitors felt that there was an excessive focus on Soviet stories, the overall exhibition is still incredibly interesting. You'll learn a wealth of new information and see models of ships ranging from the founding of the city to the present day. For those looking to understand the history of the city, this museum comes highly recommended. One minor drawback mentioned by visitors is the lack of separate information in English. However, despite this, the museum is definitely worth the admission fee. Visitors praised the educational aspect of the museum and enjoyed the opportunity to delve into the fascinating history of shipbuilding. The museum also provides insight into the Admiralty, a Russian Classical building that served as the seat for Black Sea Fleet commanders from 1794 to 1900. With 12 rooms filled with nearly 3,000 objects related to shipbuilding and navigation on the Black Sea, Ukraine's rivers, and the Mediterranean, the museum covers a wide range of historical periods. From antiquity to the Kievan Rus and the Zaporizhian Cossacks, the museum offers a comprehensive look at the maritime history of the region. One critique mentioned by a visitor is the language barrier, as some of the workers at the museum do not understand English. However, this did not diminish the overall experience for most visitors, who found the museum to be a captivating and enjoyable place to visit.
Address:Admiralska Street, 4, Mykolaiv
Phone:+380 512 351 294



Just wow. Loved the tour. So much history.
A museum with the history of Shipbuilding in Nikolaev, the main activity of the city since its was borne. The replicas of all the ships are incredible.. Read more »
Still too much Soviet stories there but exhibition is very interesting!
Interesting information, a lot of new things. Models of ships, from the founding of the city to the present. To understand the history of the city, .. Read more »
I enjoyed it. Would have been a little nicer had it had separate information also in English. Certainly worth the money.
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It was really cool learning the history. It was a ship building port before the United States was even a country
In the Admiralty, this Russian Classical building was the seat for a long line of Black Sea Fleet commanders from 1794 to 1900. In 12 rooms there are .. Read more »
Nice place but the workers dont understand english.
The place is very nice. It was so amazing when I went there with my friends. You will get to know so many history about ships. It’s a nice place to vi.. Read more »
A nice museum with many exhibition halls. You can see the models of different ships, "pieces" of history. Amazing dioramas. I enjoyed the dioramas mo.. Read more »
Worthwhile to visit ? Interesting to see the history of shipbuilding in Mykolaiv.