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Muzey Povitryanykh Syl Zbroynykh Syl Ukrayiny

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
3.7 / 26
"Muzey Povitryanykh Syl Zbroynykh Syl Ukrayiny" is a museum located within a military unit in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. It can only be visited by prior arrangement, and unfortunately, it is not open to the public regularly. However, for those lucky enough to gain access, it is a very nice place. The museum offers a range of exhibits that are both educational and interesting for both children and adults. Visitors can not only observe the displays but also touch and even sit on some of the exhibits. For children, it is an exciting place to visit. The museum mainly focuses on the main weapons of the former USSR, showcasing rocket systems and aircraft. There is a large, well-kept area filled with military equipment, which children particularly enjoy exploring. It is possible to climb into the middle of a helicopter and even stand on the wings of a plane. The museum also hosts open days occasionally, where visitors can enjoy a wonderful concert and delicious food. The exhibits themselves are mostly outdated, ranging from 70 to 80 years old, but they offer a unique glimpse into history that cannot be seen in an ordinary museum. The collection includes models of Soviet, German, Japanese, and US equipment, as well as aircraft, propellers, missiles, shells, pilot costumes, and various other equipment. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in accessing the museum, it is recommended to visit on the day of the Air Force, which falls on August 1st. However, there are also interesting exhibits located on the third floor of the Club building. Visitors can find a cafe where they can purchase snacks and drinks, as well as toilets in the cafe and club. Overall, despite the challenges in visiting, the museum is highly recommended for those interested in military history and eager to see unique exhibits.



Not allowed inside, regime object. Only by prior arrangement. It's a pity, because I came from afar and wanted to get here
Very nice place. Cognitive for both children and adults. It is interesting to look, touch and even sit on some exhibits. For children, an exciting pla.. Read more »
Very interesting museum. Most of all the main weapon of USSR. Rockets systems and aircrafts.
We were lucky, we got to the open day! Very interesting! We not only examined the transport, but also the granddaughter sat in the cabin of the helico.. Read more »
Large well-kept area. Lots of military equipment. Children are extremely interested, you can visit the middle of the helicopter, get on the wings of t.. Read more »
A wonderful museum. A large number of exhibits, most of them are obsolete (70-80 years), but still very interesting. You will not see this in an ordin.. Read more »
The museum is just super. It's a pity that so rarely the command makes an open day..But thank you very much for that.
We arrived in Vinnitsa for 4 days, wanted to walk and see the sights. Google has a working schedule for this museum and it was written that it works, .. Read more »
The exhibits are in a terrible state. Apparently, if it has national status, funds should be allocated. Apparently, under the green looting power, the.. Read more »
I really "liked" everything. Works the only day of the year until the second hour of the day, ie no more than 5-6 hours. Arriving at three o'clock, we.. Read more »
Impressions are zero, because we arrived, and we were not allowed there, citing the fact that we have to wait for the open day. (Which is arranged 2 t.. Read more »
All right. Children are delighted. Yes, it is very interesting for any person to be so close to the mighty machines. Only it is not clear why the muse.. Read more »
Only personally come to the checkpoint on weekdays to arrange an excursion. The phone is not given for communication even if you personally come on a .. Read more »
A beautiful place worth visiting
Very informative and interesting, it is a pity that it opens only once a year! On Aviation Day!
Unique exposition of the Armed Forces armament. Definitely worth a visit! But be sure to contact the museum in advance. Mode object still)
a place with unusually serious people, always in order
Interesting museum with real technology.
A wonderful museum, many samples of military equipment. The tour is very interesting, despite the fact that there were only three of us - we made a fu.. Read more »
In fact, a military unit. It is impossible to visit traveling families
Quite an interesting and fun place a lot of military equipment, which can be viewed up close, some can even climb (especially children like it). Howev.. Read more »
Exhibition of military equipment. There are no open cars, planes in which children could climb. Although, I heard that sometimes one or two open. I re.. Read more »
Interested museum
Very cool! I advise everyone to take a look. There are so many different planes, helicopters, rocket launchers, I don't know where else you can look s.. Read more »
For some reason, I visited the museum for the first time. It was interesting, there was a lot of military equipment, although old museum equipment. I .. Read more »
A very interesting museum located on the territory of the military unit (like). Tou presents exhibits of the air forces and air defenses of the USSR. .. Read more »