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Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa.

Krakow, Poland
3.9 / 18
The Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa is a museum located in Kraków, Poland. While some visitors found it to be boring, others had a more positive experience. The museum offers various exhibitions and is well organized and situated. It also has a shop and a bar, making it convenient for visitors. However, there were some complaints about the staff, with some finding them rude and even racist. There were also issues with the museum's opening hours, as they were incorrect both on their website and on Google Maps. Despite these flaws, many visitors found the museum interesting and informative, learning a lot about the history and culture of Kraków. The museum is located under the main square and provides a great history of the Kraków market square. While the museum's interior may be a bit dark, it adds to the ambiance and effect of the exhibits. Overall, the Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa is worth a visit for those interested in the history of Kraków.
Address:Rynek Główny 35, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 619 23 35



Found it quite boring. My friend and I went on a Tuesday when it was free and afterwards we were pretty glad we didn’t have to pay.
The opening hours for this museum and its subsidiaries are very wrong both as advertised and on this map-many others and I were confused by surprise c.. Read more »
I never leave reviews, but this place had EXTREMELY RUDE staffs, (yes plural) and RACIST too, especially if you don’t look ‘European’. This place part.. Read more »
They do not update info on Google Maps properly. It actually works from 10AM.
a bit boring... hundreds of pictures of random tradesmen or religious people from medieval krakow
excellent place. modern elegant well organized and well situated place with many various exhibitions at the same time. shop and bar included. visa fri.. Read more »
Was very interesting
Great experience- learnt so much about this beautiful and culturally rich city! A must see in Kraków!
Really great museum under the main square
Great history for Krakow market Square. Excavation took along time. Bit dark inside the museum. But probably needed for effect.
Fantastic place to visit right in the heart of Krakow. It needs a few more signs up to show how to get in but it is very worthy of a visit. There are .. Read more »
Nice modern museum. It has playful and educational tablets. The museum is family friendly, but international visitors also have an opportunity to educ.. Read more »
Firstly getting tickets can be a bit confusing as opposite side of the building but quick enough to sort, you also have to put your bag into storage a.. Read more »
Very interesting modern museum situated underground the main square in Krakow. It gives a good insight into the history of Krakow. Give yourself at le.. Read more »
A very interesting place to visit. We were there for four hours and still did not have time for all the exhibits. There are very good audio visual dis.. Read more »
Loved it. Amazing works they did under the central plaza of the old town. Really get a good feeling of what the old town looked and felt like.
Fascinating to see how they have preserved the ruins found under the Main Square, the photo if the actual dig - which is located on the left as you le.. Read more »
Highly recommend in effort to gain some historical knowledge!