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Museum of Volyn Icon

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.4 / 7
The Museum of Volyn Icon is a unique and must-visit destination for art lovers. It is a nice and clean place, providing a peaceful environment for visitors. While it may primarily interest religious individuals and those fascinated by religious art, it offers a comprehensive and informative experience for all. During our visit, we joined a tour of church icons, which started at 9 am and was completely free of charge. The knowledgeable guides provided detailed information about each icon, answered all our questions, and even explained the differences between icons from various centuries. The tour lasted for two hours and was one of the most complete, interesting, and informative excursions we have ever had. We were especially grateful for the occasional switch to Russian language by the guide. Previously a subdivision of the Volyn Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Volyn Icon is now an independent institution housed in its own building. The collection boasts approximately 100 exhibits, with the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Kholm being the museum's most valuable piece. Entrance to the museum costs 40 hryvnias, and guided tours are available for 150 hryvnias. Please note that only cash payments are accepted. Additionally, the museum organizes quests for children and offers literature and scientific works related to icon painting for purchase. The museum focuses on the regional school of Volyn icon painting and owes its collection to the efforts of art critic P. Zholtovsky. In the 1980s, Zholtovsky led scientific expeditions on behalf of the Volyn Museum of Local Lore to study and collect historical and cultural materials from the temples of Volyn. The exhibition comprises over 1,500 sacred art pieces, including approximately 600 icons from the Volyn art school dating back to the 16th to 18th centuries. It also showcases metal works, decorative carvings, and sculptures. Among the most precious exhibits is the Byzantine icon of the Kholm Mother of God, believed to have been written by the apostle-evangelist Luke in Jerusalem. This icon holds great ancestral significance for Prince Danylo Halytsky. In conclusion, the Museum of Volyn Icon is a highly recommended attraction that offers a wide range of wooden and other types of icons, creating a memorable and enriching experience. It is a must-visit destination for everyone.



Unique in its own way. Museum not to miss for art lovers.
Nice place, clean, quiet. However, it will be interesting only for religious people and those who are interested in such art.
We got on a tour of church icons at 9 am. They didn't take money from us. For 2 hours we were told about each icon, answered all our questions and exp.. Read more »
The Museum of the Volyn Icon in the past was a subdivision of the Volyn Museum of Local Lore. Now it is a separate museum, which is located in its own.. Read more »
The museum represents the regional school of Volyn icon painting. The creation of the collection is associated with the name of art critic P. Zholtovs.. Read more »
Great icons, wooden for most part
Nice, clean, great art.
Why they don't open on Wednesday ????..
Everybody must see!