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Museum of memory of warriors of Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4 / 4
The Museum of Memory of Warriors of Vinnytsia is a unique and poignant museum that focuses on the Afghan War, particularly from the perspective of local participants. Despite its somber subject matter, the staff at the museum are known for their friendliness and welcoming nature. In fact, they even allow visitors to bring their furry companions, as evidenced by the person who mentioned being able to enter with their little dog. Although the museum may not have an extensive collection of artifacts, it still manages to leave a lasting impact on its visitors. Letters and clothing from the war era give a glimpse into the lives of those who experienced the horrors firsthand. It is a place that raises awareness about the atrocities of the Afghan War, making it a worthwhile visit. Interestingly, the museum is housed within an old water tower. Some may argue that there is nothing particularly exciting about the building itself. However, the significance lies in the valuable stories and memories that are preserved within its walls. It is worth noting that there is a bit of confusion regarding the museum's location. The door on the left side of a photograph leads to the museum dedicated to the Afghan War, while the door on the right side is for couples looking to have a quick one-day wedding procedure. This peculiar arrangement adds an unexpected element to the overall experience. In conclusion, the Museum of Memory of Warriors of Vinnytsia may not be a grand or flashy museum, but its focus on the Afghan War and the personal stories it shares make it a thought-provoking and worthwhile destination for visitors.
Address:Vodonapirna Bashta, Mykoly Ovodova Street, 20, Vinnytsia
Phone:+380 432 562 479



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Its an old water tower, no reason to get excited