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Museo Nacional del Prado

Madrid, Spain
4.6 / 34
The Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid is a stunning museum that is a must-visit for art lovers and history enthusiasts. The museum is home to an extensive collection of artwork, including original pieces by famous artists such as Goya, Picasso, Caravaggio, and more. Visitors have shared their positive experiences, describing the museum as an amazing and breathtaking place. Many recommend purchasing tickets online in advance to avoid long lines and ensure a seamless entry. The museum is well-maintained, with orderly and timely entry, providing a pleasant and organized experience. The museum offers a variety of artwork spanning hundreds of years, allowing visitors to admire and appreciate the different artistic styles and subjects. Highlights of the collection include the original Goya artwork and the famous painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Visitors have expressed their fascination and admiration for the museum's extensive collection, remarking that they could spend hours exploring the rooms filled with art. While the museum can get busy, even on weekdays, it is still a worthwhile visit. Some visitors recommend going during the free entry hours from 6pm to 8pm, but advise arriving early to avoid long lines. It is also suggested to bring an umbrella for shade, especially during hot summer visits. Visitors have offered a few tips, such as opting for the cafeteria on the lower ground floor over the smaller cafe on the ground floor. They also emphasize that taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed and that curators will kindly remind visitors of this rule. For families, it is worth noting that children below 18 years old can enter for free, but identification may be required. Overall, the Museo Nacional del Prado is highly praised for its impressive collection, organized layout, and unforgettable artistic experience. It is considered one of the top art centers in Europe, showcasing the rich history and talent of Spanish and international artists.



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I love this museum! If you love museums, I recommend buying tickets in advance online (no wait). But you can definitely get this museum done in 2 hour.. Read more »
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never regret to visit an art museum. stayed in for 4 hours. if not because of my hungry stomach, i would have stayed in for longer. so much art that i.. Read more »
The collection is great however the staff is disappointing. I got the impression that the staff despise visitors. During the visit there was some kind.. Read more »
A must visit while in Madrid for art lovers, buy your tickets in advance at the official site. Photos are not permitted in the main galleries. Huge.. Read more »
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Fantastic museum with beautiful collection. One should plan 3 - 4 hours to see everything without pacing. The only disappointing thing is the entry -.. Read more »
Entrace is free on weekend, late afternoon, still, you have to take ticket on the main entrance, and than enter on other entrance..be prepared to wait.. Read more »
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Great museum! We went for the Goya and the collection did not disappoint. The last 2 hours of the day, the museum is free to enter. You will still .. Read more »
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Just an unforgettable experience, near the botanic garden. You loose yourself in the beauty and the story that Goya and Velazquez, among others artist.. Read more »
I am not a fan of the Renaissance, but the collection was well displayed and the galleries large and filled with light. Saw all of the must sees and .. Read more »
More amazing than I imagined. All the great Spanish painters are displayed, Goya most notably. Photos in book don't do justice to these works. Many.. Read more »
Did a private guided tour through The Guides You Need it was wonderful and my guide, Maria, was very attentive and experienced. The displays are lovel.. Read more »
It is okay. Many of the pictures are very samey, there are hundreds of portrait pictures in there. It is a great museum but I think perhaps people set.. Read more »
Beautiful. Last two hours are free but you have to get tickets there! Also, I believe there is a 50% discount at the museum store during its last hour.. Read more »
I spent a wonderful afternoon here. 5 hours and I felt like I’d seen it all. Amazing collection of art and sculpture. No photos allowed. Which I appre.. Read more »
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The house for the best of Goya and Velazquez with their most famous masterworks. A beautiful building with a great collection. You can walk through th.. Read more »
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Without a doubt, there is an incredible collection of masterpieces. It was amazing to be able to see in person so many works that I've read about and.. Read more »
Yes, nice place. We came here with my friends from the U.K. and it was a perfect experience. I liked it. It felt like home. This is good. I will come .. Read more »
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Great stuff and a pleasure to enjoy without crowds (i.e., pandemic). Brought a backpack, I guess I missed on the website where they said that's not al.. Read more »
I love it, you could breathe art and knowledge in every room of the museum. I enjoyed a lot looking at pictures, triptychs and portraits. You've gotta.. Read more »
It's pretty amazing I guess, idk I need to take like a couple art appreciation classes and then I'll appreciate it more. Free on the last two hours of.. Read more »
How can such a beautiful museum and content be with such a bad customer service. With the covid, locker have been removed (it is indicated on the tick.. Read more »
A place to visit in Madrid if you are found of art and painting
The Prado is an amazing museum with an incredible collection of masterpieces from some of Spain's most famous artists including Velazquez, El Greco, G.. Read more »
Visited museum on free hours booking online in advance. Huge collection of art
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Amazing museum! Even though we visited in these corona times, there was a large selection of exhibitions and paintings. They took our temperature and .. Read more »
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