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Mouth of Truth

Rome, Italy
4.4 / 41
The Mouth of Truth is a popular and must-see attraction in Rome. Located next to a church, there is no admission fee, but a generous donation to the church is encouraged. This interactive art piece is famous for its mythological association - if you stick your hand in the mouth and tell a lie, legend has it that your hand will be chopped off. However, this is purely a legend and not actually true. Visitors can take the opportunity to test their honesty and then explore the church, which also offers the chance for spiritual cleansing. The Mouth of Truth holds significance for many due to its appearance in the film Roman Holiday, and its unique stone mask, made of marble, is believed to have been brought from an ancient temple nearby. Souvenirs related to the site are also available for purchase. While the attraction can sometimes have a significant line, it is generally worth the wait for the experience. Additionally, the church itself is intriguing, although some visitors found the basement area to be a bit unsettling. Overall, the Mouth of Truth offers a fascinating and memorable experience that draws tourists from around the world.
Address:Piazza della Bocca della Verità, 18, Roma
Phone:+39 06 678 7759



Must see attraction in Rome. No tickets required, just a generous donation to the church the mouth is next to. I put my hand in and it wasn't chopped .. Read more »
Interactive art at its best! Are you a liar? It's time we find out. The World needs to know. And after you're put to the test, you can tour the church.. Read more »
This place is one of the legendary places in the world for me. Of course, this is largely due to the unforgettable masterpiece of William Wyler. I am .. Read more »
Very interesting attraction in Rome! The myth surrounding it is that if you stick your hand inside the mouth and tell a lie, you will lose your hand! .. Read more »
Cool and famous sculpture. Only a short wait to get your picture in front of it. The church was cool but a bit creepy. It has the remains of St. Valen.. Read more »
Mouth of truth is a best place to see If you are in Rome this is one of must to visit places. The energy in the crypt under the church is the most pow.. Read more »
The legend lives on and still gets the interest of all those who visits Rome. For me, i got inspired to visit this place when i saw the movie of Audre.. Read more »
When in Rome this spot deairves a visit. No fee, visit the church as well and Adrian's catacombs. There might be appreciated a donation.
If you are in Rome this is one of must to visit places. The energy in the crypt under the church is the most powerful. By the way, Basilica di Santa M.. Read more »
The church was pretty and the hand of truth was fun to stick my hand in the mouth of truth. The reason for the four star rating is do to the line.
Visit it only if you are already nearby. There are lots of more interesting places in Rome and this is just a big face, that's all. Not even a beautif.. Read more »
Great place to visit. It’s free but you were able to leave a donation. We recommend that you do because the staff is very attentive there’s even a lad.. Read more »
Nice place. Unfortunately any photo with the mouth of truth does really ruin the whole feeling. The queue was fast and bearable.
Actually, it was nothing special. Everyone giggled with their hands in the mouth of truth. Yeah, it was a little silly…? But it was a very pleasant ex.. Read more »
Very cool thing to see. There was quite a big line when we got there (around midday) so we just took some photos through the fence rather than wait. Y.. Read more »
Actually, it was nothing special. Everyone giggled with their hands in the mouth of truth. Yeah, it was a little silly…? But it was a very pleasant ex.. Read more »
The best time to visit is early or late when there are few people during the week. Weekends tend to be packed and there's a line from morning till clo.. Read more »
Just because it is a sight present in the Roman Holidays, it shall be visited by tourists. But the church from inside and outside is what really makes.. Read more »
The church is beautiful, the underground crypt is interesting and the souvenir shop is one of the better ones around as it has some pretty cool trinke.. Read more »
Responded adequately to the request of COVID-19 situations; you sterilize first then put your hands into the mouth! Taking the distance from other vis.. Read more »
The mouth of truth is very cool to see. However, because there is a line, you don't spend much time around to appreciate. But is definitely worth a vi.. Read more »
This was a fun quick site. Very pretty church with a lot of history. There was a anti pope who used this church often. If you come here be sure to che.. Read more »
A great place to visit if you're a fan of "Roman Holiday" and want to see the scenes from the movie. There's no charge, though you can make a donation.. Read more »
Free and fabulous! For a small donation you can visit the underground crypt. Easily accessible and lovely surroundings.
Definitely worth a visit to this beautiful statue. To get to Bocca della Verità you first have to pass through a beautiful church. The employees are v.. Read more »
Fun place to be. All the people have a lot of fun and the guards help you take some lovely photos.
Nice and silent. Not one of the main attractions of the city, but a nice to have if you have some remaining time before departure.
Closed at noon and reopen 2pm. Waited for 10 mins and was the first one to enter in the afternoon. Wonder if Audrey Hepburn touched this very one. Amu.. Read more »
After hearing the explanation from tour guide, if you put your hand inside the mouth of truth, you will have an unique feeling!
Nice tourist attraction. Need to go into the church in order to get to the "mouth". Free of charge but donation will be welcomed. Parking lot nearby b.. Read more »
Queueing for hours to put a hand into the mouth? No, thanks. Don't tell lies and pass by.
These cool lookin Aztec guys came out. Pretty cool.
It is what is hidden in the church's portico (the pillar-bearing and roofed vestibule) that attracts visitors - Bocca della Verità. The marble slab wi.. Read more »
It revealed some cool guys in a wall
Idk,I tried to open it but it didnt work.I wanted to see the pillar men.I would give no stars
Another free and fun activity you can do in Rome is visiting the Mouth of Truth and testing your integrity in its wake. The Mouth of Truth is essentia.. Read more »
I recommend this place, but make sure you get your photo! Also the queues are quite long, however the surrounding area is quite picturesque.
Good Fun....be prepared to queue...
Didn't open when visited, and didn't mention when it will. Piece of rock with some names
Nice place, not too much crowded and easy to find.
The line is so long to wait to get to take a picture like Audrey Hepburn. The coolest part of this church is the crypt or reliquary underneath it. It .. Read more »