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Mountain High Castle

Lviv, Ukraine
4.4 / 8
Mountain High Castle offers the best location to get a panoramic view of the entire city of Lviv. It is highly recommended for all tourists to make the 20-minute hike up to this point. Once you reach the top, you will be treated to a beautiful view of Lviv, especially during autumn when the park is filled with vibrant colors. However, be sure to wear good shoes as the stairs can be slippery. It is also a great workout for those who enjoy hiking. In addition, Mountain High Castle is known as a romantic spot, perfect for enjoying a drink and sharing a kiss with your loved one. While some may consider the view to be nothing special, as there are no exceptional landmarks to see, it is still worth the walk as the park itself is quite pleasant. However, it is worth noting that some visitors have mentioned that the view can be obstructed by trees and bushes, particularly when trying to see the market square. Nonetheless, the presence of a nice flag adds a touch of charm to the experience. Overall, Mountain High Castle is a must-see attraction in Lviv, offering a very nice view of the city.



This is the best location for a view of the entire city of Lviv. All tourists should make the 20 minute hike to this point.
good view of the city. interesting hike
8.10.2020 beautiful view on Lviv and nice colorful park in autumn, just would recommend good shoes for the slippery stairs!
Nice overview of the city. Great workout for sure.
Great view, great place for drinking and kissing
Nothing special, just a simple look over the city, but there are no exceptional landmarks to see. Still worth the walk as the park is nice.
Very nice view, must see of lviv.
Very poor view. Trees and bushes cover view on the market square. Nice flag :)