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Morosini Lions Fountain

Heraklion, Greece
4.4 / 40
The Morosini Lions Fountain, also known as the Fountain of Lions, is a stunning Venetian fountain located in the heart of the city of Heraklion, Crete. Dating back to the early seventeenth century, this fountain serves as a magnificent tribute to the Venetian influence on the island of Crete during their 450-year presence. The fountain is adorned with sculpted lions, reminiscent of those found in Venice, particularly near St Mark's Square. Surrounded by a vibrant market square, the fountain offers a picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll during the day or night. The square is teeming with shops, cafes, and restaurants, providing a delightful atmosphere to explore and enjoy the local cuisine. However, it is important to note that the area can become quite crowded during peak tourist seasons. Visitors can easily locate the Morosini Lions Fountain by following the yellow line from the port to the city center when visiting Heraklion for the day. Additionally, the nearby Venetian fortress at the port is another must-see attraction that complements the experience of exploring the fountain. Overall, the Morosini Lions Fountain is a captivating landmark that showcases the historical and cultural significance of the Venetian presence on Crete. Whether you are interested in the history of the island or simply looking for a beautiful spot to relax and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, this fountain is a must-visit destination.
Address:Platia Eleftheriou Venizelou, Iraklio
Phone:+30 281 340 9000



It’s very nice that the fountain has a board mentioning the information about it. It’s also kept in very good shape considering it’s age.
A very beautiful venetian fountain, know for its sculpted lions. The plaza and the shops, cafes and restaurants around it are picturesque, perfect for.. Read more »
Went to Herakleion for the day the fountain is up from the port, just follow the yellow line saying to the city centre. Another must see is the Veneti.. Read more »
Morosini Fountain dates back to the early seventeenth century and celebrates the influence of 450 years of Venetian presence on the island of Crete. I.. Read more »
This is a fountain in one of the market squares in Heraklion, Crete. The fountain is very old and dates back to when the Venetians occupied Crete. W.. Read more »
One of the best spot of the city, a must to visit. It is located on a nice square with nice pubs and restaurant around and beautiful trees.
Beautiful fountain still doing what it was built to do! Great that it is well looked after! Lions Square is the heart of Heraklion city and the favor.. Read more »
Beautiful place nice shops around , you see alot of people and different cultures..it's beautiful special at night time
Good landmark to set as a gathering point of you have group members who want to go do different things, as it's easy to find / get back to. Lovely fo.. Read more »
A beautiful Venetian fountain, built in 1629. In the middle of the Heraklion city centre, it is a characteristic landmark, and a common meet up place.
The main public square in Heraclion is great to watch and enjoy the lion's fountain 24h !! In the morning you can stay for breakfast somewhere or you .. Read more »
Nice place to meet your friends and take a rest. It's the place where you can calm down and get rid off the stress. So come and enjoy this place. Hurr.. Read more »
So I really like this place especially at night but you have to make sure to go with at least a group of 3, there's alot of isolated areas with some q.. Read more »
Morosini Fountain takes central place in a pedestrian zone of Heraklion, Crete. It is surrounded by numerous cafés, shops and restaurants offering a v.. Read more »
The fountain is in the centre of the old town, close to the harbour and lots of other beautiful buildings and food/trinket stalls. Its free so why not.. Read more »
In the very center of the city you will find this beautiful old fountain. The place is so vibrant and beautiful, it has good energy to it. The fountai.. Read more »
A very pretty fountain, with four stone lions taking centre stage on the ornate Morosini fountain in the middle of Lion Square, Heraklion, Crete. It .. Read more »
Fontaine is exactly in the centre of the old town. There are many shops around. One of the must see points when visiting Herakleion.
Pleasant stopping place to a coffee or drink while shopping. Fountain from around 1600's. It is much better now that trees have filled in and it is a .. Read more »
This fountain is from the Venetian period and was in front of a Venetian palace. Alas, the residence is no longer. Now that would have been something .. Read more »
A nice place. So centrally located that you can get anywhere from here. Also great as a meeting place.
Nice monument. Example of venetian art on the city of Heraklion. The only problem is the maintenance.
Lions Square is the heartbeat of the city. Visit and try delicious local street food. Enjoy coffee in the sunshine in one of the many cafeterias overl.. Read more »
Beautiful day and night! A heart of the city, very busy place with lots of nice places to have a coffee or traditional Greek street food. Loved the ni.. Read more »
Beautiful old fountain in the old part (center) of Heraklion. It gets a bit busy sometimes. I generally avoid most establishments right beside the fou.. Read more »
Its a very happening corner with youngsters hanging around till 2am in the morning. You get good street food, drinks and deserts round the clock. We e.. Read more »
The very centre of Heraklion tourists attraction, located at cross of several walking streets with local food, shops, souvenirs. Beware of gypsies con.. Read more »
This square is so lovely to walk around. We enjoyed the fountain, it is very small but lovely. We particularly enjoyed a vegan friendly cafe called Cr.. Read more »
Worth a walk to be honest, interesting to see it and find out it was the only fresh water source for the entire city when it was built by the Venetian.. Read more »
It is a very busy street. All nationalities are around. The fountain itself is nothing special, but the beauty comes from the long street. There is a .. Read more »
Very beautiful historic fountain. You can not miss it going through the Main street. It is historic, so please keep your children out of it, the sign .. Read more »
Nice place to have a rest in one of the restaurants around it.. busy and joyful to watch the hustle and bustle.. close to wonderful shops and sights.
Lovely and lively , great for everyone especially couples and families. The best place to get a gyros too.
Nice ornamental fountain. Take it in on your city walk.
It's a nice moment... But just that. Without more information posted as to its history, the monument stands to be admitted for about a minute or two b.. Read more »
Nice place but must be a Little bit cleaned. Restaurants arround
It's nice and there. Not really impressive without the missing piece but hey, you can't miss it.
One of the most beautiful spots in town. I have been going there for more than 50 years. I used to go there with my parents especially to eat the tra.. Read more »
Interesting Greek touristic culture. Many tourists and me and my wife in the middle of all of that . . . crowd. Good restaurants (all of them full). A.. Read more »
Pretty Venetian style fountain in the centre of Heraklion. Always crowded of locals and tourists.
Cool fountain but you really come to shop in the area around it.
Alright fountain and plaza. Lots of locals to watch in their natural habitat. Nothing special.
A return to past
One of the busiest places in Iraklion, day and night.
strange people and pigeons around. not so pleasant. I would definitely recommend to skip this highlight if you don't actually walk around it
Nice atmosphere, nothing else to add tbh