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Monument to the Swedes from the Swedes

Poltava, Ukraine
4.7 / 15
The "Monument to the Swedes from the Swedes" is a place of historical significance that is worth visiting to learn about and remember the past. It is a powerful reminder of the chains that once existed, and it is heartening to see history reconcile its heroes through monuments like this. However, it is unfortunate that the monument has been neglected and requires restoration. Vandals have stolen the metal fence, and the overall condition of the place is relatively desolate. It seems that even representatives from Sweden have not visited in a long time. Despite this, the monument is still beautiful, and the flowering alley leading up to it is a pleasant sight, especially in June. It is a unique and interesting place, albeit in need of attention. The monument itself has stood solidly for over a hundred years, honoring the Swedes who fought alongside Ukrainians in the Battle of Poltava. While the battle did not free Ukraine from the influence of their northern neighbor, it is an important moment in history that is perpetuated by this monument.



It is worth visiting this place of power at least once in order to remember and know the history.
And what powerful chains were here before !!! And my heart was glad that history reconciles its heroes, since there are such monuments on our land! Al.. Read more »
The monument requires restoration. Vandals stole a metal fence.
A historic and politically delicate place that is in relative desolation. Chains have been cut from the obelisk fence by vandals, the green lawn is g.. Read more »
A beautiful monument, but after the "hydration revolution" someone cut it off with a gas-cutter and stole the fencing chains)
Needs attention! Nice place! 1 time you can stop by to see.
Unusual, but interesting :)
The monument is solid, has stood invariably for over a hundred years, the Swedes honored their compatriots, who together with the Ukrainians died in a.. Read more »
Perpetuation of glorious Cossack events
Respect for the memory of the past, order and care for the place. Thanks to everyone who holds the monument.
Until a cross is placed over the grave of the last dead soldier, the war cannot be considered over! Major Klaus Grill spent several years in contract .. Read more »
The monument to the Swedes from the Swedes was built in 1909 near Poltava near the village of Pobyvanka, not far from the northern border of the field.. Read more »
Some of my travel goals That's why I went here To see this place and have to lay down a wreath and pay tribute to the fallen in the course of 1709 yea.. Read more »
If you are a Swede visiting Poltava this is a MUST for you