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Monument to the Homeland-Mother

Cherkasy, Ukraine
4.8 / 54
The Monument to the Homeland-Mother, located in the memorial complex "Hill of Glory" in Cherkasy, Ukraine, was built in 1977 to commemorate the residents of the city who died during the German-Soviet war. This beautiful monument, situated on a hill, offers breathtaking views of the Rose Park and the Dnieper River. The memorial complex features a wide ritual square, adorned with a mound-like embankment and granite steps, leading up to the 10-meter-high sculpture of a woman-mother, symbolizing the Motherland. In her raised right hand, she holds a bowl with an Eternal Fire, while her left hand faces the ritual square. The granite-lined retaining wall of the complex displays a large relief composition depicting a battle scene, along with the names of 904 Cherkasy soldiers who lost their lives in World War II. Terraces lined with granite blocks lead visitors to the top of the hill, where nearly a thousand soldiers are buried. The memorial granite wall surrounding the hill is engraved with the names of the city's residents who died in battle. Additionally, there are five bronze bas-reliefs on the retaining wall, depicting various aspects of the war and immortalizing the representatives of the Soviet Army. Although reaching the monument can be a challenge for tourists, it is well worth the effort. The monument, also known as the Eternal Flame monument, offers a magnificent view of the Dnieper River and the Valley of Roses. The monument's grandeur is best appreciated during daylight, as the nighttime view is not as captivating. The Hill of Glory, where the monument stands, is a popular spot for people to gather and celebrate holidays. Visiting the Monument to the Homeland-Mother is a must for anyone in Cherkasy. Its awe-inspiring view of the Dnieper River and the Valley of Roses, combined with its majestic design representing an immortal feat, makes it a truly remarkable experience.
Address:Slavy Street, 1, Cherkasy



Met my wife here. 2013 - 2014 . So very beautiful here. Left my heart in Cherkassy.
The memorial complex "Hill of Glory", on top of which is the famous monument "Motherland", was built in 1977 in memory of those who died at the fronts and during the defense of Cherkassy city residents. A favorite place for citize.. Read more »
Beautiful monument on the hill. It offers good views of the Rose Park and the Dnieper River.
Great view - wonderful freshness!
Hill of Fame ”is a memorial complex in Ukraine in the city of Cherkasy, erected in memory of the city's victims who died during the German-Soviet war. The memorial commemorates the Cherkasy people who died on the fronts and the soldiers wh.. Read more »
Tourists are faced with the problem of how to climb the mountain to the monument. I give you a hint: it is better not to climb the mountain from the side of f @ py - go around, the entrance from the face. ?
Motherland -Mother monument in Kiev. And this one in Cherkassy is called the Eternal Flame monument, in memory of those killed in the Second World War. Nearby there are monuments, that is, slabs with the names of the dead soldiers. Place is the Hill .. Read more »
Monumental monument, already on the approach it feels that it is not in vain to spend time on it. The night is not as attractive as in daylight. If there is no fog, you can see an impressive landscape, a few kilometers from the right bank of the Dnie.. Read more »
A must visit in Cherkasy! Great view of the Dnieper and the Valley of Roses.
A majestic monument to an immortal feat! An amazing embodiment of femininity and beauty of the Motherland!
I got tired of waiting for Elon Musk to send me to the red planet and therefore went to Cherkasy. I have to say, the Dnieper in Dnipro will be smaller than the Dnieper in Cherkassy 🌊🌊🌊 the views are incredible, a lot of water, a good embankment)) The.. Read more »
Worth to visit. Amazing view to the Dnipro river.
The memorial hall of the Museum displays marble plaques with carved names of more than 11,600 soldiers and over 200 workers of the home-front honored during the war with the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Hero of Socialist La.. Read more »
A great panorama.
Probably the best view in Cherkasy! Cool statues and monuments. Beautiful view of the river.