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Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers

Gdansk, Poland
4.7 / 25
The Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers in Poland is a towering structure located adjacent to the museum that chronicles the fall of communism and the rise of unions in Eastern Europe. This monument serves as a tribute to the shipyard workers who lost their lives during the early stages of this struggle. The monument was built to honor the fallen workers and their resistance against the communist system and its eventual collapse. It is a significant site to visit, especially for young people or foreigners who may be unfamiliar with the regime. It is recommended to set aside a couple of hours for the audio-guided tour. One of the most notable events that the monument commemorates is the firing upon innocent workers leaving a train in Gdynia on December 17, 1970. This act of repression by the state's armed militia was one of the many atrocities committed during the unrest. The clashes between the armed militia and the protestors resulted in the deaths of approximately 40 people, with over 1,000 others injured. This uprising was fueled by the deteriorating economy in Poland, marked by a lack of everyday goods and a decline in production. People were spending hours standing in line for essential items. The Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers is an important remembrance location, and it is highly recommended to visit the European Solidarity Centre that stands behind it. This center tells the story of Poland's transition to democracy through the Solidarność movement. Many visitors find this memorial to be deeply moving, and it serves as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of the shipyard workers. The recognition of Lech Walesa, who played a significant role in the fight for workers' rights, is also acknowledged here. This landmark holds even more relevance in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, reminding us of the importance of remembering the lessons of the past. Overall, the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers is a must-see for history enthusiasts and serves as a powerful symbol of Poland's struggle for democracy and workers' rights.
Address:Plac Solidarności, Gdańsk



Important part of world’s history that must never be forgotten
Towering monument adjacent to the museum which details the story of the fall of communism and the birth of the unions in eastern Europe. This monument.. Read more »
Monument has been build in the respect to fallen shipyard workers and their resistance to the communist system and its collapse. The monument and Eur.. Read more »
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Very moving memorial for ship workers. Lech Walesa was very deserving of the Noble peace prize and presidency for Poland!
Important landmark and even more relevant with the ongoing war in Ukraine. Need to remember the lessons of the past.
V.I.P. Very interesting place.!! For history & Edukaction .!!
Polish history from the not that old decades - communism has fallen. Let's hope that with this mad man pUtin it will not be repeated.
Great place to be for a history buff, especially during anniversary celebrations.
A monument to those brave shipyard workers who lost their lives to establish PL first workers Union.
Very interesting and fun to see the water fountains.
If you read ahead about the history, you will then appreciate your visit more.
One of the coolest sightseeings here.
Don't know much about the monument history, I will definitely read it through once I am settled but it's an amazing design to behold
important history place
The monument is very tall and impressive to memorialize the 40+ shipyard workers who resisted communist oppression. It is a little out of the way. S.. Read more »
Symbol of martialdom in fight again commies
Great symbolic
Great monument to the bravery of those who stood up for the rights of the workers. Important place in our history.
Beautiful monument. Has benches all around so you can have some rest
Fantastic museum amazing how one man started a movement to help his fellow county men and ultimately helped other communist countries release the iron.. Read more »
Very emotional visit. See recent history with your very own eyes. Unforgettable
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Its not a place you would easily rate. Extremely emotional 5 min of my life, standing in front of a symbol that many had to pay with their own blood t.. Read more »
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