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Monument to Princess Mary Rivne

Rivne, Ukraine
4.3 / 16
The Monument to Princess Mary Rivne is a remarkable installation that showcases the historical significance of the city. It is situated in the old Jewish quarter and depicts a collective historical image through the incorporation of old houses and construction elements. The monument itself is visually captivating and has garnered praise from many visitors who often recommend it to others. However, there are some criticisms regarding the shopping center that surrounds the monument. Some feel that its presence detracts from the historical ambiance and gives the impression that it is not an integral part of the city's history. Additionally, there have been concerns about pigeons and the need for better isolation around the monument. Despite these minor drawbacks, the park where the monument is located is described as cozy and beautiful, and many visitors express a desire to return. The city itself is known for its cordial and welcoming inhabitants, and the local gastronomy is characterized by specialties such as fish dishes and a unique delicacy of cheese soaked in honey. Ukrainians, who add a touch of beauty to the city, also enjoy indulging in vodka. Overall, the Monument to Princess Mary Rivne is an unusual and interesting architectural complex that stands as a testament to the city's history. Rain or shine, it remains a fascinating attraction that captivates the attention of visitors.
Address:Soborna Street, Rivne



A wonderful monument, a wonderful implementation, but the shopping center around spoils everything (it gives the impression that this is not the histo.. Read more »
Congratulations, I often shoot and recommend to everyone!
An interesting monument in honor of the collective historical image is installed on the site of the old Jewish quarter. The photo shows the old houses.. Read more »
Imperfect architectural solution. The problem is pigeons and isolation.
We walked not so long ago in this park, it is very cozy and beautiful, if possible, we will come here more often.
Princess, founder of Rivne
A beautiful city where very cordial people live. As for gastronomy, one of the local specialties is fish. An interesting delicacy is the cheese, which.. Read more »
You can tidy up a bit.
Good place, and nice people!
Unusual. Very interesting architectural complex. "Neither rain nor snow ever falls on this princess."
Interestingly arranged place with a special entourage. An interesting location for a photo or just a rest for reflection.
Beautiful and well-groomed historical sculpture. Always near fresh flowers
Not bad, but a feeling of desolation.
Beautiful monument
Cozy and beautiful design, sometimes running fountain there are benches for relaxation!
The idea is good, but the condition of the monument and the ensemble is somewhat neglected.
Nice place)
In 2006, a monument was unveiled to the founder of our city - Princess Maria of Nesvizh! - A grand Mega event took place on an unprecedented scale! .. Read more »
As for Rivne, it is a very cool place. By the way, it is quite a modern monument