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Monument to John Howard

Kherson, Ukraine
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The Monument to John Howard is a significant historical landmark in the city of Kherson, Ukraine. It is a clock tower, one of the five street clocks in the country, and holds great charm despite being somewhat neglected. The area surrounding the monument is often devoid of people, providing a peaceful and reflective atmosphere. The monument features a functioning sundial, adding an interesting concept to its design. The monument is enclosed by a concrete fence and features a metal gate with a lock, possibly indicating closure during nighttime. The location of the monument is unique and somewhat unusual, with a small shopping center on the left and either a car wash or a workshop on the right. However, the surroundings are marred by overgrown bushes, litter, and a toilet frequented by intoxicated individuals and homeless people. This monument pays tribute to John Howard, a philanthropist who played a significant role in saving people from pestilence in the 18th century. However, it is in dire need of improvement and attention from the city to enhance its surroundings. A year ago, the monument and its vicinity were described as beautiful and well-maintained, but recent reviews express disappointment at the deteriorating conditions. Despite the neglect, the Monument to John Howard remains a wonderful representation of the city and its history. It is a shame that the city does not show proper respect for the British reformer who selflessly aided the sick in Kherson, even at the cost of his own life. The current state of the monument is disheartening, with the ground dug up and a significant amount of garbage present. These conditions have left a negative impression on a tourist from Europe. However, there are some positive remarks about the monument, praising its overall appearance and the efforts made to maintain it. The paved surroundings, fresh paint, and excellent condition of the monument itself are appreciated. The presence of such monuments is seen as important, especially when they commemorate individuals like John Howard, who had a significant impact on the community. It is unknown if he visited, treated, or died in Kherson, and any information about his connection to the city would be greatly appreciated. Overall, the Monument to John Howard holds great historical and cultural significance for the city of Kherson. While its current condition is a cause for concern and disappointment, there is hope that the city and local authorities will take steps to restore and preserve this important landmark for future generations.



The historical pearl of the city of Kherson, a clock that is one of the five street clocks in Ukraine!
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A wonderful business card of our city.
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