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Monastyrsʹkyy Ostriv

Dnipro, Ukraine
4.4 / 7
Monastyrsʹkyy Ostriv is considered to be one of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the city of Dnipro. It comes highly recommended to anyone seeking a serene and picturesque getaway. Although there is a need for some improvements to the island's infrastructure, its charm remains intact. This small island offers a delightful beach, perfect for those seeking respite from the scorching summer heat. It has even been affectionately referred to as Liberty Island due to its tranquil ambiance. As evening falls, the island becomes adorned with enchanting lights, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Monastyrsʹkyy Ostriv is also a wonderful destination for those who enjoy running or leisurely walks amidst nature's beauty. While the island could benefit from renovation, it still manages to captivate visitors with its natural splendor. A visit to this island is the perfect plan for a lovely weekend in Dnipro. Additionally, Monastyrsʹkyy Ostriv offers several captivating spots for photo sessions, including waterfalls, a park, a monument, and a beach. While the Dnipro River may not be ideal for swimming, the island's inviting beaches provide ample opportunities for leisurely activities.
Address:Sobornyi District



One of the greatest nature places in Dnipro city. Highly recommended to visit. Some upgrades of infrastructure are required.
It's a small island with A small beach for hot and tiring summer to chill out ?️
Liberty Island:)
At night the lights are beautiful.
Nice natura island to run and walk
Not bad but needs renovation.
Very nice weekend destination in Dnipro. Couple of goix places for photo sessions (waterfalls, park, monument, beach,...). Nice beaches for leisure ti.. Read more »