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Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales

Madrid, Spain
3.2 / 18
The Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales is a beautiful and well-preserved working monastery. The frescoes, art, furnishings, and overall structure are all impressive and in excellent condition considering their age. However, visitors have had mixed experiences at this attraction. Some visitors have encountered issues with the staff and entrance procedures. There have been complaints about rude and unfriendly staff members, who make visitors feel unwelcome. Some visitors have also mentioned booking problems at the entrance and a lack of accommodation for non-Spanish speakers during the guided tours. Additionally, there have been complaints about restrictions on photography and the inconvenience of having to tour the monastery as a group. On the positive side, many visitors have found the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales to be a fascinating and culturally enriching experience. The artwork and historical artifacts within the monastery are highly valued and offer a unique insight into religious history. Some visitors have even compared their visit to the Vatican in terms of its impressiveness. Overall, it is recommended to plan ahead and check for any booking or language restrictions before visiting the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales. While some visitors have had negative experiences with the staff and tour organization, others have appreciated the beauty and historical significance of this attraction.
Address:Plaza de las Descalzas, 3, Madrid
Phone:+34 914 54 88 00



Try to visit at 13:30 but they close earlier, the lady from entrance told me that will be open after 16:00. I came back at 18:10 ( on official site i.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Worse cultural experience of my life. Booking problem at the entrance, rude staff, visite in Spanish only, forced. Tourists are not d.. Read more »
Possibly the worst tourist experience you will ever have. There is no concession to any other language than Spanish in the compulsory one hour(it felt.. Read more »
It’s free on Thursday afternoons, but they surprised me at the door by telling me it’s only for people from the European Union. Wouldn’t it have been.. Read more »
Very cool tour but I wish I could’ve went alone without having to rush with a group of people. I understand its due to the age and fragility of the mo.. Read more »
The most impressive religious place that I have ever seen including Vatican
This is a very beautiful and well kept working monastery (there are 19 nuns there currently). The frescoes, art, furnishings, and the structure itself.. Read more »
Only few people at a time. Guided spanish tour. Very interesting place with lots of valuable paintings and statues. You are not allowed to take photo.. Read more »
Only in Spanish, beautiful but would have liked background story
Wonderful place filled with art and history! On the negative side, entrance are really scarce and you are not allowed to take pictures.. none. :(
Unfortunately closed when i came here, would have loved to buy some of the cookies they're making and selling.. I guess another time then.
Difficult to get an english language tour otherwise very cool
Very old building with long history.It is worth visiting but you have to book in advance or you won't be able to see the inside.
Spanish Inquisition tour was very informative. Madrid is a beautiful city.
The art and tapestries here were extraordinary. The sheer amount of Renaissance art here is unbelievable. Even though the hours and tour are limited, .. Read more »
A rich and interesting history. The tour was small and intimate, but only in Spanish. The museum is filled with artifacts, paintings, tapestries, reli.. Read more »
Surely a place to visit if you stay several days in Madrid, the tapestry are magnificent if you think how old are them and the work needed to be done... Read more »
I would recommend this visit only to people deeply interested in religion. Rooms are dark, air is thick and warm, no toilets, no benches for older peo.. Read more »