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Bridge Preobrazhensʹkoho

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
4.3 / 16
The Preobrazhensky Bridge is a historical bridge located in the city of Zaporizhia. Currently, it only allows passage in one direction, from the left to the right bank. The bridge has some potholes and often experiences heavy traffic, leading to frequent traffic jams. It is recommended to take an alternative route via the Arch Bridge, which may be longer in distance but faster in travel time. Despite its flaws, the Preobrazhensky Bridge offers some nice spots to visit. It has a pleasant atmosphere, particularly in the evening, and provides a beautiful view of the surroundings. However, it can get noisy during rush hour due to the high volume of cars and people. Nevertheless, the bridge serves as a great observation deck. The bridge serves as a crucial connection between the two banks of the city, but many residents, like myself, hope for the construction of an additional bridge to improve transportation in the area. The Preobrazhensky Bridge lacks decorative lighting and is in need of repair. The absence of bumpers and occasional holes in the sidewalk pose safety concerns for pedestrians. Driving on the bridge can be challenging due to its condition. Despite its shortcomings, walking across the bridge is a must-do to truly appreciate the beauty and strength of the Dnieper River. The bridge offers magnificent views of the city, Khortitsa, and the Old Dnieper. It guarantees excellent impressions at any time of the year, day or night. However, it is advisable to avoid rush hours as the continuous flow of traffic can be overwhelming. Overall, the Preobrazhensky Bridge is a significant structure in the city, having served for more than 45 years. While it requires repair and improvements, it still holds historical charm and offers memorable experiences for visitors and residents alike.
Address:Mist Preobrazhensʹkoho, Zaporizhzhia



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Eternal traffic jams. It is better not to go here, but to make a detour across the Arch Bridge. Debt in distance, but faster in time.
Good places for visiting
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Old beautiful bridge. Definitely in need of repair for a long time.
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Very good bridges !! Last more than 45 years !!
Wonderful art object that needs major repairs.
This is one of the hallmarks of our city, but also the cause of many traffic delays, although part of the blame on drivers. The bridge is a good place.. Read more »
Khortytsya, you can't think of a better place for a walk))
Nice beautiful bridge. The views are very beautiful!
For photography fishing etc and nice place
I would like the bridge to be repaired at last, I would like the transport to go
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