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Mini Caterpillar Sculpture

Uzhgorod, Ukraine
4.4 / 14
The Mini Caterpillar Sculpture is a delightful and elusive figurine that brings a sense of excitement to those who seek it. Perched atop a small fence, this funny little worm can be quite a challenge to locate. It can be found discreetly positioned on the parapet, slightly concealed behind a crossbar. A notable landmark for its whereabouts is the organ hall and the nearby staircase leading to the river. While asking passers-by for assistance may not yield results, the thrill of uncovering this hidden gem is best experienced firsthand. Considered one of the most captivating mini sculptures, the "Worm Kukots" offers an intriguing search adventure. Though it may prove elusive, the reward of discovering this cool sculpture is well worth the effort. Located near the children's railway and the Philharmonic, this whimsical creation adds a touch of charm to its surroundings. Despite its inconspicuous nature, capturing a photo of this Hungarian cartoon character can be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, its unique and classy design makes it a must-see for art enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Be prepared for a careful and thorough search when attempting to find this cool worm sculpture.



It is very exciting to look for mini figurines, I advise everyone and do not credit the figurines
Oh, funny but hardly found, he is sitting on a small fence)))
The mini-sculpture is on the parapet a little hidden behind the crossbar. Landmark - organ hall and stairs to the river
Cool worm, but it is very difficult to find it
It is better not to ask passers-by, but to find it yourself)) Best of all of the mini sculptures is hidden "Worm Kukots". It is very interesting to se.. Read more »
I did not find her (((
Cool sculpture, but you have to look.
Very cool idea with a worm? Nearby is the children's railway and the Philharmonic.
The cartoon character, a Hungarian cartoon, is very difficult to find if not for the map and would not be found at all. Not noticeable at all, hard to.. Read more »
Cool worm but very difficult to find, you have to be very careful ?
The KUKOTS mini-sculpture was renewed and installed on November 14, 2020.
From this square you can see two embankments and a bridge - a convenient place for meeting NG. Happy New Year everyone!
Currently seems to be stolen...
It's not easy to find it, but worthy.