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Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport

Madrid, Spain
4 / 37
Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport is a large and modern airport located in Barajas, Madrid. It is the main international airport in Spain and serves as a hub for various airlines, including IBERIA and Air Europa. The airport offers a wide range of food, beverage, and retail options, ensuring that passengers have plenty to choose from regardless of their gate. One thing to note is that the connecting flight board is not immediately visible upon exiting the airplane. Passengers should head towards the signs for Baggage Claim to find a larger board with the connection information. Additionally, the signage for the tram/train to certain gates could be improved to better indicate the location of elevators for those who require them. Overall, the airport provides a cool and modern atmosphere, ensuring that passengers won't be bored during their time there. It is well-connected to the city through metro stations, making it easily accessible. The newest terminal, T4, is especially aesthetically pleasing and offers a unique yellow color palette. However, duty-free options may be limited, and connecting at T4 can sometimes be slow due to passport clearance. The airport staff is generally friendly and helpful, although the cleanliness of the toilets could be improved. It is recommended to check in early, as the airport can be busy with long lines. Despite some drawbacks, the airport offers a pleasant travel experience overall.
Address:Avenida de la Hispanidad, s/n, Madrid
Phone:+34 913 21 10 00



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This Airport is humongous so you need to pay attention to all signs so you don't get lost. There is a small train transferring people from one termina.. Read more »
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Very expensive coffee shop, and very smal duty free.
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Official passport checkers could be less rude and entitled but that is quite common other than than everyone extremely friendly and helpful
Beautiful T4
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