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Madame Tussauds

Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.6 / 38
Madame Tussauds is a wax museum located in Amsterdam, known for its lifelike statues of popular celebrities and superheroes. It offers a variety of exhibits to explore and is a good place to visit if you have ample time in your Amsterdam trip and are fascinated by wax museums. The museum is interactive, allowing visitors to be part of the exhibits and take photos with the wax figures. While not as big as the one in London, it still features local and international celebrities. The museum also offers a convenient way to receive photos taken at interactive spots through a barcode registration. Overall, it provides a nice experience, although some figures may not look as realistic. The museum can get crowded, so buying tickets beforehand is recommended. The ticket price is €26,00 per adult, but discounts can be found online. The staff is friendly and the vibe is enjoyable, making it a great place to hang out with family and friends. However, some visitors feel that the ticket price is a bit high and wish the tour was longer. Despite its size, Madame Tussauds is still worth visiting for fans and offers a unique experience.
Address:Dam 20, Amsterdam
Phone:+31 20 522 1010



Visited this place 2 years ago. This was my first ever visit to a wax museum so was amazed to see the life-like statues of many popular celebrities and marvel superheroes. Here you can pass time easily as there are many exhibits to explore. I would r.. Read more »
Not all the figures are looking realistic however was very surprised how interactive is the museum. Good place to have fun! Was not crowded at all (went on Friday around 2pm). Check the exposition, almost everywhere you can be part of it: take a dres.. Read more »
Not as big as the one In London but still nice, a lot of local figures alongside some International celebrities and known figures. a lot of interactive places where you can scan the barcode you're given at the beginning and get the photos you ta.. Read more »
Great experience, worth the visit. Hint: Look for pics before you go and think about the best pose. Loved Albert Einstein's 😍 Wait time was okay, and the queue goes fast. Selfie stick would help.
Nice visit to celebrity waxes. Bear in mind that it’s crowded, and buy your tickets beforehand. The ticket is €26,00 per person (adult). You can get it for €23,00 if find an online discount.
An interactive experience . It was fun ! Very realistic wax figures. Everybody should vist a Madame Tussauds Museum if there is a chance to do it. Very nice staff !
Loved the vibe the best i could see in Amsterdam with family..... Really enjoyable place..... Nice to hangout over there... Plus the pictures were awesome with loads of celebrities over there.... From every field... Even some eating thing is there.... Read more »
Nice museum to visit with the friends. Here you can have fun and laugh a lot😂👍🏻👍🏻 But I think that the price for a ticket is a bit high.
If you have never done this - this is an experience in itself Theses statues are allmost like real, for some I had to see them 2-3 times to ensure it was not real. We booked the tickets online a day before and reached before time. It's recomme.. Read more »
Great place full of familiar faces but unfortunately very small. Our tour took about one hour and it was hard to find more things to do. Maybe cause there was no people in the queue? Still for that price it should be much longer nonetheless worth vis.. Read more »
We had so much fun in Madame Tussauds with the all the celebrities. It's astonishing how realistic they look and a bit creepy! Great fun to take photos with different poses and you will be surprised at the actual height of some of the celebritie.. Read more »
Nice place but it has its drawbacks. Too many people are let in at once and there are problems even to go from figure to figure, let alone take some nice photo as a souvenir. Worth a look but a bit disappointed. A big plus and many thanks to the k.. Read more »
The wax figures are very realistic. With some I was afraid they would move. However,the exhibition was a bit short. They tried to make up for it by having interactive pieces part of it which was nice. Would dress up for the occasion if I knew which f.. Read more »
What a great day at Madame Tussaud's in Amsterdam. We Loved every moment. Staff are the best. Super friendly and helpful. You can even get a nice glass of Heineken at the bar there! Put MT- Amsterdam on your must do list! X
Such a wonderful experience! The wax figures are so realistic and showcased perfectly - great for photo taking which I took a ton! They don't have lockers or a place to store your belongings so definitely recommend to visit this place before you.. Read more »
Overall nice. It is well organized, you need to make reservation in advance. The place is clean, the staff is nice. The issue with this place is that it can be overcrowded which makes it less fun. It can also be very weird trying to take some picture.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing experience! There's so much to see, the wax figures are so realistic and it's all presented in a very fun, interactive way. Honestly a perfect museum and activity. This is a must see.
Very nice experience. It looks very realistic and you can make nice pictures. We visited around 15h45 and it was very calm so you could take your time to make a picture. The price is around €21,50 for an adult person. You can also scan your own .. Read more »
Fun experience but expensive for the amount of stuff you see. Pleased that you could "interact" with some of the sculptures/figures and that we have access to the window at the top of the building to have a very good view over the plaza be.. Read more »
A great entertainment!! It is very nice to be there even though you may not be into all that. I liked the joy and enthusiasm of all the people around!
Awesome, just didn't last too long, but very good experience. I was already in Berlin in this museum and it's fun every time. Next stop, London!
It is a must visit wax museum. The celebrities look so real and you feel that they about to talk next. The wax statues are detailed and in exact proportion as the celebrities are in their real.life. the museum.is well guided and I think there wasn�.. Read more »
An interesting museum, the wax figures look like as if they are alive. But it's too little experience for such money (24 €) - the tickets are really expensive, and even with photos and interactive activities I spent there just approximately.. Read more »
Really a nice place to spend some time if you're near the city center. €35 for a great tour of stars, they're ricreated incredibly! Absolutely amazing.
??Dam Square, this iconic museum is a must-to-go place whenever you are visiting Amsterdam, i live here so am talking to you tourist! We had fun around and in the museum. There are quiet a lot of interactive displays, and you can take pictures with m.. Read more »
Maybe the best experience in my life. First you have to go to coffee shop for some goods ? and after some time - buy a ticket to visit this exposition! Actors and 5stars people look so realistic that i started talking with ‘em So Sad its close.. Read more »
Situated in Dam Square, this iconic museum is a must-to-go place whenever you are visiting Amsterdam. We had fun around museum. There are quiet a lot of interactive displays, and you can take pictures with most of the wax figures. We spend about 75 m.. Read more »
Super cool sculptures of so many people and they all look super realistic as well, especially from further away! This is an amazing place to visit at least once in your life, but I would not say that I would love to visit it again... Especially for .. Read more »
Absolutely worth a visit after a visit at a spice museum where you can try some technology for free if you bring your own produce. 10/10 would recommend again :D You can count on it! You guys are amazing! Love the arts and culture!
It's one the best tourist place to visit in Amsterdam...museum is great big. We had booked tickets from isango.com. they have lot of discount on their sites. My and my wife enjoyed watching museum and clicked pics with all Hollywood McQueen'.. Read more »
Good place to visit if you have not been to one of Tussad’s. If you are wishing to see any Indian superstar you will be disappointed.You can see Mr.Gandhi though. They have introduced a new Marvel section which is so great. I just loved that se.. Read more »
The overall show is worth while, the crew is very polite and helpful. Just make sure to bring online purchased tickets or buy via card, for security of health reasons due to the Covid-19. After all it is wise and reccomended to protect the employees .. Read more »
The staff are exelent. But not many waxworks and if you're not Dutch you won't know who half of them are. The photos and laser photos are great but cost extra
I spend almost 2 hours there. I had so much fun.
This place is great. The statues look so real. Also the building is just cool, the scenes and backgrounds and you can take pictures interacting with various people and props. I held captain america's shield and posed with him!
Brilliant set up of the museum good value for money
Fun stop while in Amsterdam, especially if you have never been to one of these museums. Highly recommend buying the passes before you arrive and you can avoid any long lines.
Really cool place, fun atraction
Easy to find since it's located on Dam Square. Other than the traditional and classical wax figures, there were some random figures as well. All the Madame Tussauds museums in the world are almost identical. The wax museum in Amsterdam is worth .. Read more »
So much fun! I wish there was more, it only took about 40 minutes to go through, and we did all the things inside. The figures were amazing!
Great place to go to with family and friends. You'll feel like actually meeting all these famous people. Everything is well arranged so you can walk through a lot of rooms with specific topics. All in all really recommended although it might ge.. Read more »
Fun wax museum if you are into that kind of thing. It was kinda pricey, and some of the figures weren't awesome. By far the best ones were Johnny Depp, Hulk and Thor. Anne Frank's room and statue were a pleasant surprise and very well done... Read more »